Sunday, September 05, 2010

Designer Mikhayel Tesfaye a.k.a Mik just THAT guy!

Mikhayel Tesfaye a.k.a MIK JAGGA is the creative genius behind PASSPORT, a sneaker and clothing company based out of Los Angeles, CA. His sneakers are known for being one of a kind, futuristic, uber cool collector’s item (puuugh…that was a long sentence). We had the chance to chat with him last week and I have to say that he is a super duper cool guy (almost as cool as I am, just kidding…who can really be as cool as moi?:) So in true “I AM…” fashion we decided MJ is too important not to be on this blog. Yeah, I said it!

SC) Beamer, Benz or Bentley?

MJ) None of the above…Vintage Land Rover Defender 130, I'll let the future wifey do those.

SC: Yes ladies, he said it! Lol.

SC) Ketchup or mustard?

MJ) Combo, what's one without the other??

SC: My kind of guy…when it comes to food my personal motto is "more is definitely better!"

SC) Mick Jagger or Mik Jagga?

MJ) All respect due to the OG, but it's my turn. We actually met once, I'm sure he would approve.

SC) How would your mechanic describe you?

MJ) Worst customer, I actually take good care of my whip so there’s very little for him to do.

SC: There’s just something about people who take care of their cars, seriously. I don’t care what you drive. It needs to be freakin’ clean!

SC) Tell me a secret.

MJ) When I was in the 4th grade I dressed up in a full body costume as Alf for Halloween

SC: That's awsome...I used to love ALF!

SC) I hate this question, but where do you see yourself ten years from now?

MJ) Happy with my family, running my fashion empire (like the Missoni's) right from my mansion.

SC) Is your new favorite blog?

MJ) It is! I have book marked it and will check it on a regular from here on out!


SC) Name your favorite Simpson character (I know you have one).

MJ) Bart no contest, he is I and I am him.

SC) A girl in sneakers or a girl in heels?

MJ) Both she has to be able to "walk in both worlds".

SC: Does that mean that I should be expecting a pair in the mail sometime soon? Hmmm.

SC) Pork pie or beef cupcakes?

MJ) Veggie burger;14 year vegetarian!

SC: They’re both gross…but that’s not the way the game goes. You have to pick one!

SC) What's the best thing that's happened to you so far in 2010?

MJ) Hmmm?? Launching my new brand Passport, stay tuned...

SC: And tuned we stay!!!

SC) Since we're only about 4 months away from Christmas, how far along are you on your Christmas Shopping List?

MJ) Haven’t started yet, but I'm an expert shopper, I can knock everyone out in 3 days!

SC) Right now: in love, in like or neither?

MJ) Love my fam, Love my life but no lady in my life.

SC) Name one person that you admire and why?

MJ) Nikola Tesla vowed to change the world for the betterment of humankind expecting nothing in return.

SC: That is beautiful.

SC) Finish this sentence: In a perfect world...

MJ) Peace would reign supreme!! It would probably solve 85% of the world's problems rooted in greed!

SC: I just love the spirit of this guy. Not only is he living out his wildest dreams but he speaks in such a humble and calm tone that you wonder if he knows that he has totally hit the jackpot!!!?

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