Friday, April 29, 2011

Fit for a Prince!

Yes, I did it, I woke up early to watch this beautiful wedding. I've been looking forward to it all week:) The bride was wearing a dress from the house of the late Alexander McQueen, designed by Sarah Burton. It was slightly inspired by the dress Grace Kelly wore when she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco. Prince William and his bride are know the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, you gotta love the royals. I love weddings, and that fact that it's a prince...makes is somewhat of a modern day fairytale. Beautiful! There is something lovely about the order that is in the British monarchi, some don't like it but I do:)

You can probably catch the reruns, and replays online and on every news channel for the coming days.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Only in America:)

I love this country for many reasons. The opportunities, the passion, the humor, the drama, the nonsense, the creativity, New York, a lot of reasons...aaand the fact that America is the only place where you will find a polished/bedazzled fire hydrant. I almost stepped out of the car to investigate. This bad boy was better polished than most peoples teeth. Seriously, it's cleaner than some peoples bathrooms. You may think I'm insane for even noticing this, but there was no way of not noticing it. It almost blinded me. If you look carefully you actually see how the sun reflects on the shinyness of the fire hydrant. I believe this may have been done intentionally.

Is this the only way you would go camping?

Yesterday evening I got an email from my friend Jamie in New York. The email came with a picture and one single sentence "I thought of you when I saw this, is this the only way you would go camping." How am I supposed to interpret this??? Is she saying that I am too stuck up to camp the "normal" way, without bringing an entire condo? Ooor, is she simply saying that I am eclectic with great taste? Honestly this really is the only way I would ever go camping...again, YES, I've done it before and it was one of the most horrific experiences ever. It was moi and my bästis Nadja Afeworki and a bunch of other people and we almost died. Obviously I'm not over dramatizing a bit. We were 17 or 18, who knows, all I know is that I negotiated with God to get me out of there in one piece. It was in Europe and the weather over there is no joke, it's always extreme one way or the other. So to our fortune we got to taste the worst blizzard storm in that country in over 15 years. What are the freakin' odds?? I blame Nad! She attracts stuff like that. My daddy told me that I shouldn't go, while my mother pushed me and said "it will make you strong". Hmm...who loves me the most?

Anyway, back to J...I'm thinking I should delete her off my Facebook for a little while. That will teach her a lesson.

Shopping for Ombre!

These lovely Matta Dupatta Ombre Scarves come in many lovely colors, made out of 50% cotton and 50% silk, these scarves are the rave of Hollywood. You can find them on and they retail for about $185, but I would shop around on different sites for the best deals. 


Actress Jennifer Aniston

Actress Rachel Bilson
Kim Kardashian

RIO: My Life as a 7 year-old

Rio! This is one of the best animated films I have ever seen. I'm obsessed. Obviously "the Kid" and his best friend Q loved it, although I have a hard time believing they enjoyed it more than moi. I love having this little guy around as I find him to be extremely useful when wanting to go see a children's movie. I do a lot of silly/crazy things and very little bother me. I will however not go and watch a cartoon in a movie theatre by myself. There's actually something rather off about that...could be just moi:) It all starts when Blue, a blue bird of some sort (endangered specie) has to move back home to Rio de Janeiro in order to reunite with his own people (birds). Since I have the bad habit of revealing too much when discussing movies that I've seen I will finish this sentence by simply stating that this movie is wonderful. What a great story and a beautiful message about belonging. I recommend everyone to go see it. I laughed, I didn't cry (not a looser)...and I laughed some more.

I will be buying this movie for my daddy...he will love it, and perhaps for my love:)

Monday, April 25, 2011

About Easter

Yesterdays service was beautiful. I love Pastor Dennis, he always has a refreshing and educational message...if you're in the Atlanta area you should definitely stop by. I'm there every single Sunday (when I'm here) at the 11am service. So, I did wear my traditional did Ruth:)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

...oh, so about last night!

So last night at Slice (Peter Street), I actually got my food. It didn't really take that long, I simply tend to go crazy when I'm hungry. Anyway, I'm happy to announce that my pizza came. I ordered two slices of cheese pizza with pineapple (Hawai, my Euro people know what I'm talking about). Not really a pizza person but when I'm hungry...grass would probably taste great to moi:)

Just saying.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter my lovely Friends:)

Every time any type of holiday or special occasion comes along I can’t help but to miss my parents. They always celebrated every single birthday, holiday and New Years Eve with a party. No matter what, we always had fun. My mother would wear her traditional Eritrean clothing with her best gold for every one of our events and my father would compliment her several times throughout the night. It was beautiful. She would make everything that we loved and we would spend the entire night laughing, discussing, arguing, and laughing some more. Ever since I moved away from home (to another part of the world) I can’t help but to feel as if I’ve lost some of the traditions that my parents thought me. There are certain things that stuck with me such as; to not eat infront of the tv, to be organized and to keep a clean house, but when it comes to the festive stuff, I totally suck. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t think I can make it as fun as my mamoshka, whatever it is, it’s going to change, starting tomorrow. Sooo, in honor of my new found party-animal side, I have decided to throw an Easter Sunday picnic party for a couple of my friends and my love (if he doesn’t consider the picnic thing to be too annoying/too girly). First we're going to church in the morning (as always) and then we're off to the park, or I'm off to the park. Either way :) I may even wear a traditional dress in order to make it more real.

Very exciting!

What are you guys doing tomorrow? Whatever it is, I hope you have a beautiful day with your loved ones filled with love and laughter.

Identical to the eggs we you used to get:) (sweet memories).

Friday, April 22, 2011

According to Abdella, I need Twitter Friends

This is my Eri brother/friend Abdella, he'a an architect student and a photographer. In many ways we are like Oprah and Gayle, Puff and Mase (back in the day), Thelma and get the idea. Anyway...he knows everything about blogging and he tells me every time I suck or when I'm acting crazy. Although he is younger than moi, there are times when he actually comes off as an Eritrean mother. Seriously. He always makes a lot of sense and although at times I feel like juijitsu-ing him down the block, I adore him. He has been a great motivator in this whole blog thing, however, today he basically told me I'm a looser for not having any twitter friends (I do have friends on twitter, 19 as a matter of fact). I haven't been good with the whole twitter thing. That's about to change though. Add me on twitter @ViktoryaAbraham or through the link on'll start putting up deals, contests, give-aways...whatever else I can to make myself look fun and interesting:)

Abdella aka Dr. Internet

ASOS.COM: The art of Mix and Match

I have to say that it took me years to get used to the whole online shopping situation. It goes back to the whole paper and pen thing for me. I actually miss the good old day when I used to have pen pals. Anyway...times have changed and even I shop online. For those of you who don't know the online store ASOS, it is a great place to get easy dresses (can't vouch for the quality) and great accessories, they're customer service is on point as well. In Europe ASOS is probably as popular as Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) and since they offer the option of shipping to the US I thought I would be so nice to tell you about it. They also have a great monthly fashion mag named after the site (obviously). This issues cover girl is french fashionista and tastemaker, Josephine de la Baume, also known as the future Mrs. Mark Ronson (DJ. Mark Ronson).

ASOS is a great place to mix into your closet. A bit of downtown with your Louis bag and your Lanvin heels...see...I'm a genius:)

(Click on the title and it will take you there)
Love Mark!

Josephine de la Baume

Happy Earth Day - 'A Billion Acts of Green'

Earth Day is here!!! Finally! Just kidding, but I am kind of excited. This years Earth Day theme is; "A Billion Acts of Green". The whole idea is to encourage the people of the world to become more aware of the non friendly environmental pressure that we are putting our planet through. This is a people powered campaign created to generate a billion acts of environmental services and advocacies. If you think about it, it's actually pretty scary. I mean...if this planet doesn't work out; where do plan on moving to?? Alaska?? Newsflash, it's on this planet. I'm just saying! In honor of Earth Day, Starbucks are giving you a free coffee, all you have to do is bring a mug. Pretty cool for all you coffee addicts (Jamie Thompson).

Even my darling Pharrell is very serious about the environment. He has teamed up with the people at Bionic Yarn to create environmentally sustainable fabric. Pharrell is both owner and investor as well as the spokesperson for this two year-old textile firm based in New York. I like, I like:)

This actually reminds me of my days in undergrad when I designed dresses for Groundwork Providence. They were made out of my old vogue friend Semira and I were sweat-shopping it in our living room for days. Mama mia, she is such a good and supportive friend!

Go out there and join this movement and see what you can do.

Pharrell Williams

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Uncle Michael - A celebrated Scandinavian Designer

How lucky am uncle Michael Persson Carling (my auntie Saba's husband) is one of the most talented, I would say THEEE most talented but since we're family...bla, bla...nepotism, you know what I'm trying to say. Either way, he has been making jewelry ever since I was a little girl. I grew up around his shop (yes, I'm proud:). His line is called MPC and his work has been recognized all over the world from Stockholm to Tokyo, to Sydney (Australia) to Holland ( He works in gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and other precious stones. My aunt Saba is a creative force in her own rights. She is the designer of her clothing line "Saba", we'll talk more about that later. I actually have two rings from MPC, maybe this posting will get me more. I've had my eyes on this gigantic diamond ring for years...I know it's been sold but maybe something similar to it (I'm not greedy).

Definitely check it out.

Ps. I'm really not greedy, but I kind of feel like picking a fight with someone. Something like this would be the perfect "forgive me" gift. Hmm...maybe Sineet.

3 rings in gold, silver and diamonds

3 rings in gold and diamonds

Love combination I, Love, You

Pillow rings in gold and diamonds

Pillow bracelet in gold and diamonds

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Almost back in NYC...

I've finally set dates for my NY trip. Haven't been there since Christmas when my whole family met there at Robels place. I can't wait for my little Robita to take me shopping. Every time I go back to New York I act as if I've never been there. Don't ask me why! Well, ask, I just wont answer. I have so many things to do there this time...not just play. I'm very excited:) I'll miss my love, but you better believe I will be phone badgering him all day everyday. Don't worry he likes it! I love the energy, the fashion, the art and the life of New York. Wish my mamasita could be there:(

Dress: ACNE

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Day in the Life of...

Stumbling Upon Deliciousness @ Akong London :)

This is actually the first time I've heard of Akong London. What have I been doing:) (don't know). London based jewelry designer Nicole Akong, went from being a successful London DJ to jewelry designer and in less than 3 years she has made a name for herself in the fashion world as someone to recognize. She fits great into this time of color, cool and uniqueness. I always say I'm going to invest in great necklaces but I never do. I have a necklace my grandmother gave me 150 billion years ago and I've probably only taken it off 4 times in years. You don't have to be like me...this season you should definitely invest in at least two great neck pieces.


Ps. Click on the title and it will take you to her website:)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Children make great accessories!

The other day as I was getting dressed for church I realized that my beloved Mac cover didn't match my outfit, but have no fear...I let "the Kid" carry it, as it obviously matched his. I pretty much did him a huge favor and besides he still owes me for all those times I carried him around when he was younger (even now). I'm just saying. For some reason I saw this little person as the biggest consumer in the universe, but I just found a way for him to pull his weight:) Brilliant.


Let's just Skin It!

I am known to always mind my business:) (I love myself). So there I was at Starbucks, writing as usual when I notice this MAC sitting across from me...pretty cool. It's a sticker that you can design with whatever you like and on your computer it goes. The company that creates these (non MAC damaging) stickers is a branding company out of California called, they call themselves "the leaders of on-demand personalization technology". When you get sick of it, just peel it off and voila! I like. I should create a Shukorina one...genius:)

Now go to and check it out.

Seen @ Scene

This Saturday I went with a few friends to this new place in Downtown Atlanta called Scene. The place reminds me of a pop art gallery. They have a beautiful backdrop for the bar that I wanted to steal!  Anyway, my friend L bought me a glass of wine. In turn I decided that I kind of didn't want it I did what I always do when I order a glass of wine that I have no intention on drinking: water the plants with it (relax PETA or whatever vegetable organization I'm offending right now) ooor I dump it in the ice bucket on the table. Usually it's smooth sailing after that, however, this time was a tad bit different. After pouring the wine into the ice bucket I sort of thought that L saw me. I felt kind of embarrassed as I thought he was offended. So there I was "Seen @ Scene". I did what I always do when I think I'm busted...I confess.

Moi: Sorry!
L: Sorry about what???
Moi: Hmm, for throwing away the drink you bought for me...(yes, I am an idiot who just told on myself). Never mind.
L: Oh, I don't care. You didn't like it?
Moi: I don't know, just didn't want it. I thought you would get annoyed that I just poured it out.
L: Poured it out where?
Moi: In the ice bucket.
L: What??!!!!! (L changed). Why would you pour it out there??!!! Why are you messing with my ice??? We put it in our drinks!!! AAAAAAAHhhhh!!! would think L was over doing it but I get it, he was simply grossed out. I totally understand, but to my defense, there were bottles in that bucket...I just assumed that it was just there to cool the bottles off. Just saying. He asked me why I even said yes to the wine in the first reply was simply; "it would have been rude to say no".

Ps. L just corrected me...stating that I misquoted him. Apparently I forgot the part where he called me disgusting and inconsiderate...Ouch!!!  

Aster w/ Sammy (The owner)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nathan's Mom and Dad

This past Friday I had a very interesting conversation with Moses, my cousin Helen's husband. It's not out of the ordinary that we have these long and intriguing discussions (although they live back in Europe and I'm here in America). This time we were talking about parenting. We were discussing what great parenting is and how certain environments make it extremely challenging to be just that, a great parent. Mos, a psychology graduate has a great understanding of human behavior, that combined with the actual challenges of being a young father to a little boy makes him a great person to have this conversation with. I've seen both my cousin Helen and Moses be wonderful and loving parents to Nathan and I've seen them tackle every single challenge that has been thrown their way. As they experienced great difficulties with Nate's health when he was born. Thank God he's well now but they really went though it. Everyone who ever meets them are amazed of how strong and loving they are, towards each other and to Nate. This little boy was born into the right family, he has parents that would move mountains for him:) as should every great parent. I can't wait until I have children of my own and they are able to play and grow up with Nate.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Mother: A Fashion loving (former) F.O.B

My mother was actually the one who got me into fashion. Which is rather funny considering that she married my father at the age of 18 (fresh out of high school) and had me a year into their marriage. Somewhere in the mist of being a fresh import from the motherland and becoming my mamasita she became addicted to the fashion channel. At the age of 4 she had me hooked. We used to watch it together every single night. She told me about Oscar de la Renta, Azzedine Alaia, Cristobal Balenciaga, Emanuel Ungaro and Yves Saint Laurent. She knew them by their dresses and she was and still is an amazing writer...she could have seriously became a fashion editor if she had thought about it. Such a talented shukorina mother I have, can't get enough of her!

Since I'm always asked about fashion schools I thought it would only be right to put together a little list of some of my recommended fashion schools around the world. Here we go:

Parsons The New School for Design, NYC
Located in New York City and known for providing top level design training for decades, this is also the school where Tim Gun (Project Runway) was the director of. Top designer Marc Jacobs graduated from Parsons as well as one of my favorite designers, Tom Ford.

Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC
Recognized for its exceptional faculty and hands-on programs. "FIT" is a more affordable alternative to Parsons.

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, CA
With campuses all over California "FIDM" offers its students a great balance of fashion and business.

Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design, London, England
"CSM" one of the leading colleges of art and design in England.

Royal College of Art, London, England
Located in the heart of London, the "RCA" is known for its faculty consisting of renowned artists, theorists and leading experts.

London College of Fashion, London, England
The "LCF" is part of the University of the Arts. It's know as the only college in England that specializes in fashion education and research.

Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium
The Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine arts is known as the oldest fine arts institution in Europe. They are known for their students high quality fashion collections.

Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing
Located in the beautiful Italian city of Florence, this school has a great relationship with "FIT" in New York City. Polimoda is successful in creating close ties between the academic and production worlds through its rigorous programs in fashion design, marketing and management communication.

ESMOD International Fashion University Group
We all know that Paris is the city of high fashion, art and couture. ESMOD has provided quality training in design and business for over 160 years. It is considered the world leader in fashion education and has a network of 12 affiliated schools all over the world.

Bunka Fashion College, Tokyo, Japan
To me the Japanese fashion industry is responsible for creating the happiest and most colorful fashion in the world. Bunka is located in Tokyo and has gained great prestige and respect in the fashion world. They are also the publishers of "Son-en", Japan's original fashion magazine.



Friday, April 15, 2011

Proud to announce that a Beer was named after ME

You know you've made it when they start naming random beers after you. Obviously they spelled it wrong but nonetheless there it is in print. I don't drink beer, never even tried it...but this is very exciting:)

They're called Bear-Snacks Viktorya

"The Kid" 
Children are so refreshing. I find it to be so entertaining that this little seven year old always try to re-raise me. Although at times I find it to be slightly on the annoying side, I have to admit that it is very interesting. So "the Kid" who has become somewhat of a sidekick to me (don't worry, I have other friends) was watching me while I was working on the computer. He was sitting across the table from moi munching on some crackers. Since I threatened to lock him up in the trunk of my car if he uttered one single word (don't judge he was stressing me out) I kind of felt sorry for him. His little head looked ready to explode due to the fact that his mouth had to stay shut, so I decided to take a break and speak to him for a few minutes (good deed of the day people). This is pretty much how the conversation went:

"Moi": May I please have one?
"The Kid": Sure. Take that one (pointing at a zip lock bag with crackers in it)...(and "the Kid" goes on...)...You know they're called Bear Snacks.
"Moi": Really?
"The Kid": Aha (slightly excited).
"Moi": That doesn't really make sense to me but ok.
"The Kid's Mother": They're Wheat-Thins Viktorya.
"Moi": Oh, ok. my day making stuff up equalled a severe beat-down. Just saying.

Ps. Gotta love kids.

Twist and Eat

For some reason my favorite part of a menu is the appetizers. This is the part where you're able to mix and match and be your own chef, ok, not really, but almost, ok, just kidding, but almost, kind of...(don't know why I'm trying to explain myself). I love ordering different types of foods that come in small does make me order so much more, but it's ok...I can eat:) I was at Twist in Buckhead earlier today having a late lunch. I would tell you what I ordered but I don't remember the name of was however a mini steak with blue cheese and cherry tomatoes. It was good. I'll let you know what it's called next time I go there. One thing I love about Twist is their great customer service and how consistent they are with it. I can't remember one time where I've gotten irritated due to poor service, and by now I'm sure everyone is aware of how sensitive I am when it comes to worthless service. Especially if I'm paying, it turns me into something out of a horror movie. No joke! 

Thursday, April 14, 2011


For everyone who missed this show, it airs Monday-Friday on ABC (in the morning...weird sentence, but whatever). I personally can't stand too much graphic medical info, but these guys are actually really entertaining to me. The only problem is that every time I watch this show, my inner hypercondriac takes over and I'm left thinking of everything that was mentioned on the show. Super stressful! They're fun though, despite the fact that they scare the bageezes (or however that's spelled) out of moi.


Since a lot of my friends are getting married or thinking of getting married or wishing to become married or obsessing over Prince William and Kate Middelton's up-coming nuptials, it only seems right to share these lovely creations with you. Something different and something that no one else will here is something for your inspiration. (2) Is a dress by Derek Lam, this dress does not necessary have to be worn as a wedding dress, but if you choose this one or something like it, it's for the Boho Chic bride. This is for a simple bride...maybe a beach wedding. (3) Elle Saab Couture, a very dramatic and a non-traditional dress. Elle Saab creates some of the most beautiful dresses that grace red carpets all over the world. (4) Collette Dinnigan; this Australian designer has been a favorite of mine for a few seasons. Her dresses are very girly and sweet as is this wedding dress. (5) Temperly London, a beaded piece of art. Although I'm not sure how ok my beloved father would be walking me down in this, it is well made and stunning to look at. (6) Valentino Couture; this one could also be worn to a beach wedding. The simplicity and the sleekness of this dress is lovely, for some it may be too easy. (7) I love this Marchesa dress, again I probably would never wear it to my wedding but definitely to something else. The lace over nude is so dramatic and avant garde!!! Heaven! (8) Naeem Khan designs dresses for royalties and pop stars. His dresses are intricate and unique as is this wedding dress that I've chosen. (9) Last but not least, the late and great Alexander McQueen. A designer who will be greatly missed in the world of fashion! He was brilliant!