Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flashback 2009// Love 101

“You know I love you, right?”

A million things were running through her mind.
Did she look alright?  Where her eyebrows filled out correctly?  Did she smell good?

For a brief second she was thinking about the first time they drove around for hours.  It was obvious that they loved each others company and she adored the sound of his voice.  She had been looking for him for the longest but it wasn’t until she stopped looking that she found him, or maybe he was the one who found her. 

They laughed together wholeheartedly as children do when entertained.  As the days became weeks she realized that the time they spent together inspired her and as he began to share his thoughts she fell in love with him.

Although she knew that their saga was not ideal, to her it was absolutely perfect and it sounded beautiful to hear him speak those words.

She could do nothing but look him deep in his eyes and as he kissed her she uttered the most truthful words she knew.

”I love you too.”           

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Interview: Mitchelle'l + Irene = True?

- By Ruth Bekuray -

RB. Since you come from a very diverse background (Eritrean and American), where do your musical influences come from?
M. Music runs very deeply on my mother's side of the family.  My uncles used to have a band of their own back in the day.  A lot of my cousins could sing and write as well.  Oh, and my Aunt still sings like Patti Labelle!  Although my mother has never really been a singer, she has always had a deep love for music.  With that being said, she raised me on quality music.

RB. Who is your role model?

M. Role model???  I'm a grown ass man!!  I don't have a role model lol, but seriously, I was blessed enough to have a father who helped provide me with a great childhood and upbringing.  Your father is the one that sets the bar for you.  It is then up to you to raise that bar.    

RB. Girlfriend or a girl that’s a friend?

M. Yes.  I am heavily involved, I have been for years.  She demands all of my time, and I am totally          devoted to her.  I have made many sacrifices to keep her in my life.  Her name is Music.

RB. Who is the prettiest girl you know?  After myself, of course, and obviously you can’t say your mother.

M. Oh...well.  There's this other girl I know who always seems to catch my eye.  Her name is "Irene".