Friday, July 23, 2010

Flashback accessories - Spring...aaah, spring!

1) Alexander McQueen, 2) Alejandro Ingelmo Python Isabella Pump, 3) 3.1 Phillip Lim Gold bracelet, 4) 3.1 Phillip Lim Platform Cutout Shoe, 5) Aperlai

Monday, July 19, 2010

We adore you Ella!

Ella Thomas = Shukorina!

It’s really easy to be happy for a girl like Ella. Not only is she an accomplished Hollywood actor, but also one of the sweetest most down to earth and normal people I’ve ever met. Here’s our chat:

SC) Do you realize how pretty you are?

ET) I'm aware that I have benefited from people's perception of my appearance in terms of my career. But in reality, I'm no different than any other woman in that I have my own flaws and insecurities.

SC) Have you ever gotten your hair done by the Dominicans?

ET) Yes, yes, yes ! And given the choice I would never go anywhere else again. My stylist is Carmen at the International Salon up on 97th and Park Ave in New York and she is amazing. I'm still actively on the hunt for someone in Los Angeles.

SC) For the record The Dominicans are only great in New York! I swear!!!

SC) What's your favorite snack?

ET) Yogurt covered raisins, or peanuts or pretzels... as long as it's covered in yogurt I'm happy, and I love fresh cut pineapples.

SC: Yogurt’s not a snack is it? It’s a diet!

SC) According to you, who is the most attractive Hollywood actor?

ET) This one is difficult because I find many people equally attractive but for different reason. It's hard to pick a superlative but Idris Elba is kind of genius... watch "Sometimes in April"... flawless!

SC) Aaah, I love him! He is totally number 2 on my “ridiculously handsome” list.

SC) Lime green or neon yellow?

ET) Yikes... what's the 3rd choice?

SC) Are you working on a film right now, if so what's the name of it and when can we expect it?

ET) Just finished an episode of "Castle" and the film "Napoleonic" just got accepted into the festival circuit.

SC) Did you always want to be an actor when you were younger?

ET) As a child I loved to play dress-up, tell stories, sing and dance; but I never defined it for myself. However, given my current career I guess one could say it was inevitable.

SC) LA or New York?

ET) The Big Apple...

SC) My girl!

SC) Europe or America?

ET) I live in America but I dream in Europe.

SC) Omg, I couldn’t agree more.

SC) To be a Shukorina or to be a Supermodel?

ET) Careers come and go but Shukorina is for life!

SC) :)

SC) What actor in Hollywood would you love to work with, and why?

ET) There are too many to name but Gabriel Byrne works from a place of intimidating stillness... I aspire to work with such quiet and profound dignity and I would also have to add that Forest Whitaker moves me with his gentleness.

SC) Name one thing listed on your "to do before I die" list.

ET) Write a novel of social relevance and on an equally grand scale to master a "fouette rond de jambe en tourant". Given that I haven't taken a ballet class in years; I have a better shot at the book.

We love you Ella Bella and we wish you all the best!!!
If you have any questions for Ella, you can add her on Facebook.


(fouette rond de jambe en tourant = ballet move)

Friday, July 16, 2010

DJ Armageddon

DJ Armageddon, a pioneer of the DC nightlife scene. We had the opportunity to do a short write-up of a man who probably never has a dull moment. Here we go:

SC) Girlfriend/Wife, yes or no???

DJ.A) Yes

SC: Sorry, ladies!

SC) On a scale from 1-10 how would your neighbor rate your Djing skills?

DJ.A) 8.5

SC) Do you prefer being called a DJ or a musical doctor?

DJ.A) I prefer to be called Armageddon.

SC) When, why and how did you get into DJing?

DJ.A) I started DJing in college at the local radio station, I threw my first parties in high school. My best friend was a DJ (DJ Natex); he got me into music at a very early age.

SC) They tell me I'm a great singer, where should I send my demo if I want you to hear it?

DJ.A) Send it to

SC: Because I am an extremely honest person I might as well admit that I can’t sing to save my life. I literally sound like I’m constantly on auto tune, dead serious! However, I’m asking for all of my lovely Shukorina Culture friends. This is how incredible we are here in the world of SC…so go ahead and send Armageddon your music.

SC) What would you like people to say about you behind your back?

DJ.A) Armageddon is on his grind!

SC) I've heard people call you a GREAT DJ; does that give you butterflies in your stomach?

DJ.A) Not at all, I'm very serious about what I do!

SC) Shukorina or Adriana Lima?

DJ.A) Shukorina all day every day!

SC: YES!!!

SC) If a giant Hippopotamus destroyed your house and chased you out the door, what is the one thing that you would take with you?

DJ.A) Meskel

SC) Where is your favorite place in the whole world?

DJ.A) Home…it’s where your heart is at.

SC) What does the word HAPPY mean to you?

DJ.A) Being thankful for all the good & bad this life brings.

SC) What is a valuable life lesson that you will pass on to your children?

DJ.A) Be thankful for all the good & bad this life brings.

SC) How would you finish this sentence...If people could remember me for one thing and one thing alone it would be for my.....

DJ.A)…efforts to bring people together.

You have to love this guy!!!

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Layla Adonia!

SC) How do you feel about the whole Tiger Woods thing? Don't you think it's about that time to leave the poor idiot alone?

LA) He definitely got what he deserved. He dug his own grave. Although I am tired of hearing about it I'm more than happy his wife really got him! Can't stand a cheater! I guess this is just his reality check, wake up Tiger you're a black man!

SC) Do you text and drive?

LA) Nope! I can multi task but not when my life is at risk.

OPRAH would be proud and if you’re in with the O you’re in with me honey!

SC) This guy I know, let's call him "Sam Berhane" (yes, that is his real name), thinks you're pretty hot! What is the first thing you look for in a guy (inquiring minds would like to know:)?

LA) Lmao Hi Sam & thanks! Ummm, first thing?! Honestly I just check to see if he's a stand up guy, really.

Sam just told us that he may possibly open up an entire facebook account dedicated entirely to L. Don’t freak out Layla…he does not live in Canada.

SC) Tell us a bit about your radio show.

LA) I'm part of which is a not for profit Eritrean Youth Organization. Dj Chedo & I co-host MESRadio together every Sunday 6PM[est]. Our goal is bridge the gaps we have within our community since the health of our community is dependent on us. We do this by tackling issues that we face. Although we are an Eritrean organization our topics are still relative to most Eastern cultures.

SC) Honda or Toyota?

LA) Toyota BABY!!!!

Hmm! Really?

SC) What advice can you give young people who are trying to do the whole new media thing (blogs, online radio...etc.)?

LA) Stick to it! Do it for the right reasons & just stick with it. Do not get discouraged if you don't see progress immediately...all good things come to those who wait. Hard work really does pay off!

SC) What would you do if you had $999,999?

LA) Work even harder to hit $1,000,000!

SC) Tell us why we should follow the L?

LA) To experience *single Aladdin's song* "a whole new world".

SC) Walk barefoot on canal street in NYC (gross) or run down a busy street naked wearing nothing but converse?

LA) Lmao, ummmm, I'd have to take a stroll down canal *barf*! I'm pretty modest believe it or not!

SC) What do you want to be when you grow up

LA) A GREAT Mother!

We love this girl!!! Best wishes for the future and we are totally following the L and so should all of you out there in WebLand!!!

Please visit:

Ps. Layla will be attending the Eritrean Soccer Tournament in Atlanta, GA this week, if you’re lucky, you’ll run into her there. SAM!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Prabal Gurung + Red = Happy FASHION!

I'm really into Prabal right now:)

Adiam Dymott

Adiam Dymott is a Swedish rock singer. Dymott's first album, Adiam Dymott debuted on March 18th, 2009 with the singles "Miss You" and "Pizza". The self-titled album was released under Swedish indie label: Razzia Records. I bet you didn't know about this one.


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Gossip Girl!

Can't wait until the new season of Gossip Girl starts. I know all GG lovers are excited to see the new outfits i the up-coming season. Even though Chuck got shot in the season finale and was robbed of the ring that he proposed to Blair with (she turned him down for cheating with Jenny Humphrey) I still choose to see the light in the end of the tunnel. Little ol' optimistic moi:)

Ti voglio bene!

2010 Eritrean Soccer Tournament

Sooo, this is the week of the annual Eritrean Soccer Tournament. Obviously by now everyone knows it's being held in Atlanta, GA. I hope that everyone is having a great time and good luck to all the teams.


For more information on locations and schedules, please visit:

Friday, July 02, 2010


SC) Sooo, if you weren't a football player what do you think you would be doing?
HG) I would have been an entrepreneur, with my own business, kind of what I’m doing right now and maybe even start my own football club.

SC) Who is your favorite player?
HG) When I was younger George Weah was my idol.

SC) Tell me 3 things that most people don't know about you?
HG) I play football with the locals of Almeria in the afternoons because street football is the best. I’m determined when I want something; I get it directly. I support youth projects; I enjoy working with the youth.

SC) Tell us the top 3 qualities that you look for in a girl?
HG) I like someone who puts others before herself, someone who makes me a better person and someone who can carry a great conversation.

SC) Do you have a girlfriend?
HG) Yes, I do.


SC) What's your favorite food?
HG) I would say injera when I haven’t had it for a long time, but I eat pretty much everything.

SC) If you could be any super hero...who would you be and why?
HG) Superman! He helps people. I think that is an important philosophy in life…helping others.

SC) Chocolate or Vanilla?
HG) Chocolate.

SC) Cats or dogs?
HG) None.

SC) What's playing in your Ipod right now (tell the truth)?
HG) Slum Village – Closer.

SC) On a scale from 1-10 how much did you love answering these random questions?
HG) I always enjoy answering people’s questions, as many as I possibly can. People ask you questions when they find you interesting. I think it’s flattering and I’m very appreciative of that.

Yaaay, Henok! Good Luck with everything!