Friday, December 31, 2010

Time to Say Good Bye

Dear Friends,

I’m sitting here at Starbucks across the table from M listening to Andrea Bocelli’s ¨Time to Say Goodbye¨, (no we are not spending New Years Eve here). I can’t help but to find this song to be appropriate this last day of 2010. As this year comes to its end, we would like to thank you all for your support. This is the time to hit the refresh button and to leave the old behind you in the form of amazing memories or lessons learned. It is the time to mend what’s broken, if you have yet to do so, and to create new plans and set new goals. A time for rebirth.

We wish you all a wonderful 2011, filled with blessings, love, family, new dreams and happiness. May this year exceed all of your expectations.

Although ¨Time to Say Goodbye¨ refers to lovers, moments lost and the promise of new beginnings, it speaks to us all. Learn from the past, remember it, but make sure to leave it in the past and look forward to new beginnings.

Your future is BRIGHT!

Happy New Year, we hope we will be a part of your 2011!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Love Letter for YOU

"This is the day when wounds can be healed, the emotional ones and all sorts of promises can be remade after having been broken at least a hundred times. Only this time, we have to swear there is no way we will ever break them again, please say ok?

Lovers want comfort food; they want to be hand-fed peeled grapes, escargot, and all kinds of thought-provoking delicacies. Don't worry, the grapes will not turn sour; sweetness reigns supreme.

What are we afraid of? Are we afraid of what "they" are going to say? My love, the talks of today will become the talks of yesterday, and the talks of yesterday will become the talks of last year, and our story will be forgotten soon enough, I promise!

Let it be our New Year's resolution: let's do it baby, let's be together but this time, let's make this promise last forever my love!"

¨I AM...¨

Friday, December 24, 2010


Which Art in Hermes
Hallowed be thy Gucci
Thy Cartier watch
Thy Prada bag
on Rodeo
As it is in Tiffany's

Give us this day, our Visa Gold
And forgive us this overdraft
As we forgive those who stop our Mastercard
Lead us not into JC Penney
And deliver us from Sears

For thine is the Chanel, the Gaultier and the Versace
For Dolce and Gabbana


Monday, December 20, 2010

Victoria's Secret MIRACULOUS BRA!

PEOPLE!!! (By people we mean, WOMEN). It took me several months to convert but I am now officially conformed. Courtesy of Victoria's Secret and S, I now have a cleavage. I was completely against the whole padded bra thing, but critics (S) told me that I was in desperate need of some padding. If my mother read this posting she would beg to differ and claim that I loooove "enhancement" bras as she did catch me wearing my own (homemade) version of the padded bra, courtesy of the tissue paper in our bathroom (let she without sin cast the first stone). I love my mother but she still reminds me of that period in my life.

Anyway, once I got used to that thing on (the Miraculous) I literally felt as if I entered a sisterhood of femininity (DRAMATIC, I know), but hey, that's how I felt. The Miraculous ranges from $49 - $68, located in a Victoria's Secret store near you or on


Ps. S is funny! She has been on me for months about this particular bra, you would think the girl has a stake in Victoria's Secret.

Friday, December 17, 2010


So...Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester recently made an announcement stating that she will not return to the show once her contract is up in 2 years. We are not happy! Seriously, what is that show without Blair Waldorf (LM)??? She's the one that keeps the good people at Shukorina inspired and entertained every Monday evening? All I know is that everyone here are devoted GG (Gossip Girl) followers and I'm thinking some of us may need some serious therapy (i.e. moi) if she really decides to leave! Now I have to find another show to obsess over. I'm trying to get S to watch 90210 but she's not really loving it. I'm thinking if the fashion was better she would fall for it in a heartbeat. What to do, what to do?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Classic, Timeless & Fun Gifts!

A charming. practical, and whimsical gift for loved ones of any age, the bicycle also has the added bonus of being culturally on-trend since riding one saves on gasoline (and often, time). New York design shop and studio Partners & Spade offers this fixed gear bike by Benedict Radcliffe of Fixed Gear London in an array of custom colours with a one-month turnaround for $3,200. We also want to ride: Linus Bike, Schwinn Bikes, and Georg Jensen’s bicycle.

Bespoke Luggage
Is there a more stylish way to travel than with a set of personalized luggage? British luxury brand Globetrotter, famous for outfitting British icons like Sir Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II, produces lightweight yet extremely durable suitcases that are said to be able to withstand the weight of an elephant. Their bespoke service allows you to customize colours and add your initials. Iconic luggage brands that also offer bespoke services include Goyard, T.Anthony and Louis Vuitton.

Sweets for my sweet

Something sweet is always in order, especially during the winter holidays, which are synonymous with gastronomic decadence. Atop many holiday lists are treats from leading pastry producers like French luxury brand Ladurée, who are famous for their colourful, exquisite macaroons. The éclairs at Fauchon in Paris are arguably the crème de la crème, as are chocolate bonbons from Fouquet and candy from the new Papabubble.

Diamond Bracelet
A diamond may be the traditional symbol of romantic extravagance but thanks to a new generation of rock star designers and their playful, passionate creations, it is now a must-have staple in every fashionista’s jewellery box. Leading the pack is Delfina Delettrez, a fourth generation Fendi who launched her namesake collection—a blend of skulls, crosses, animals, and flowers—at Colette in Paris in 2007. Rock royalty's darling, Jade Jagger, continues to turn out edgy updates in classic materials and shapes. Newbies Genevieve Jones and Waris Ahluwalia have cornered the market on diamond safety pin earrings and diamond bird necklaces, respectively. Pictured: Delettrez's diamond Zapphire My World bracelet $94,297 at

Scented Candles
One of the less costly yet more luxurious gifts is scent. A defining characteristic of a home or a person, it can be intimate, powerful, and personal. We love the "library" scent from True Grace ($42 at, with notes of moss, amber, sandalwood and cedar. There is also the clever mix of tea, vetiver, mint and eucalyptus in the Dada candle from Citre Trudon. The golden brass and enamel casing of the Boite de Pommes candles from D.L & Co is almost as good the tangy scented candle inside. The rose and black currant tones in Diptyque’s signature scent, the Baies Noir, boast a more subtle, masculine note.

Monday, December 13, 2010


So rumor has it that Blake Lively may be the next face of Chanel. My sources spotted her sitting front row at the Chanel show in Paris next to non other than Anna Wintour (Vogue). We love this girl...and everyone knows how obsessed I am with Gossip Girl, so fingers crossed for B!!!

Smoochy poochy!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LANVIN and H & M!

I'm soo excited I don't know what to do with myself! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA...I feel like doing what those stupid Harry Potter fans do and camp outside of the store in order to make sure I'll get some:)

Yeah, I said it!


Long Skirts = LOVE

I am in love with this fall trend. Long full skirts!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday, September 06, 2010

Fashion Designer Profile: Nicolas Ghesquiere of BALENCIAGA

When Nicolas Ghesquière's name appears in print, superlatives usually follow. Shortly after his appointment as creative director of Balenciaga in 1997, at the age of 26, the fashion press contorted itself into attitudes of obeisance. In particular, the critics noted his uncanny ability to jump-start and influence trends. In 2006, The New York Times went so far as to call him the most important designer of his generation.

His approach combines elements respectfully poached from Balenciaga's rich heritage with futuristic flourishes (futuristic, often, in the retro-sixties sense). Slices of shantung and plastic might adorn a sack dress; a color-saturated floral print from the house archives might be worked into a sculpted bell dress paired with knee-high leather gladiator boots.

Ghesquière, whose Belgian father was a swimming coach, was born in Lille, France, and announced his intention to become a fashion designer as a teenager. An internship at Agnès B. followed, and he eventually landed an assistant gig at Jean Paul Gaultier. When an opening on Balenciaga's design team cropped up, Ghesquière jumped at the chance. Two years later, he was promoted to creative director.

His signature looks include the skinny pant, sharply tailored dresses in techno materials like embroidered latex or patent leather, motorcycle jackets, gold metal "robot" leggings, and anything with a dramatic shoulder (be it voluminous and rounded or a batwing).

Under Ghesquière, the house has expanded into menswear and made a huge splash with accessories, particularly handbags and shoes. In 2001, he was honored with the CFDA's International Award. In January 2008, he was made a Chevalier of Arts and Letters, the highest arts accolade one can receive from the French government.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Take me now or loose me forever!

Designer Mikhayel Tesfaye a.k.a Mik just THAT guy!

Mikhayel Tesfaye a.k.a MIK JAGGA is the creative genius behind PASSPORT, a sneaker and clothing company based out of Los Angeles, CA. His sneakers are known for being one of a kind, futuristic, uber cool collector’s item (puuugh…that was a long sentence). We had the chance to chat with him last week and I have to say that he is a super duper cool guy (almost as cool as I am, just kidding…who can really be as cool as moi?:) So in true “I AM…” fashion we decided MJ is too important not to be on this blog. Yeah, I said it!

SC) Beamer, Benz or Bentley?

MJ) None of the above…Vintage Land Rover Defender 130, I'll let the future wifey do those.

SC: Yes ladies, he said it! Lol.

SC) Ketchup or mustard?

MJ) Combo, what's one without the other??

SC: My kind of guy…when it comes to food my personal motto is "more is definitely better!"

SC) Mick Jagger or Mik Jagga?

MJ) All respect due to the OG, but it's my turn. We actually met once, I'm sure he would approve.

SC) How would your mechanic describe you?

MJ) Worst customer, I actually take good care of my whip so there’s very little for him to do.

SC: There’s just something about people who take care of their cars, seriously. I don’t care what you drive. It needs to be freakin’ clean!

SC) Tell me a secret.

MJ) When I was in the 4th grade I dressed up in a full body costume as Alf for Halloween

SC: That's awsome...I used to love ALF!

SC) I hate this question, but where do you see yourself ten years from now?

MJ) Happy with my family, running my fashion empire (like the Missoni's) right from my mansion.

SC) Is your new favorite blog?

MJ) It is! I have book marked it and will check it on a regular from here on out!


SC) Name your favorite Simpson character (I know you have one).

MJ) Bart no contest, he is I and I am him.

SC) A girl in sneakers or a girl in heels?

MJ) Both she has to be able to "walk in both worlds".

SC: Does that mean that I should be expecting a pair in the mail sometime soon? Hmmm.

SC) Pork pie or beef cupcakes?

MJ) Veggie burger;14 year vegetarian!

SC: They’re both gross…but that’s not the way the game goes. You have to pick one!

SC) What's the best thing that's happened to you so far in 2010?

MJ) Hmmm?? Launching my new brand Passport, stay tuned...

SC: And tuned we stay!!!

SC) Since we're only about 4 months away from Christmas, how far along are you on your Christmas Shopping List?

MJ) Haven’t started yet, but I'm an expert shopper, I can knock everyone out in 3 days!

SC) Right now: in love, in like or neither?

MJ) Love my fam, Love my life but no lady in my life.

SC) Name one person that you admire and why?

MJ) Nikola Tesla vowed to change the world for the betterment of humankind expecting nothing in return.

SC: That is beautiful.

SC) Finish this sentence: In a perfect world...

MJ) Peace would reign supreme!! It would probably solve 85% of the world's problems rooted in greed!

SC: I just love the spirit of this guy. Not only is he living out his wildest dreams but he speaks in such a humble and calm tone that you wonder if he knows that he has totally hit the jackpot!!!?

Please check out and support Mik through the following:

Thursday, September 02, 2010

MICHAEL HABACHY...sneak peak!

You can check out some of his amazing work on:

Monday, August 30, 2010


1) Picky eaters.

2) Police Officers that hit on you.

3) Couples that have a dog together and referr to themselves as mommy and daddy.

4) People who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom.

5) Anything dirty.

6) That hairdo that the polygamists women in Utah rock.

7) People who sleep with their dogs.

8) People who think that chocolate covered ants are a delicacy.

9) Joan Rivers "the Fashion Police" SERIOUSLY!

10) People that come and sit next to you on the train even though there are 1000 other seats available.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Hunter Rainboots - For walking in the rain

These boots are totally made for walking, yes I'm a dork for that comment, but seriously they are amazing and come in a huge selection of colors. Loving it!!!

Stores that carry these delicious bundles of joy:

Hugs & Kisses,


Friday, July 23, 2010

Flashback accessories - Spring...aaah, spring!

1) Alexander McQueen, 2) Alejandro Ingelmo Python Isabella Pump, 3) 3.1 Phillip Lim Gold bracelet, 4) 3.1 Phillip Lim Platform Cutout Shoe, 5) Aperlai