Monday, December 20, 2010

Victoria's Secret MIRACULOUS BRA!

PEOPLE!!! (By people we mean, WOMEN). It took me several months to convert but I am now officially conformed. Courtesy of Victoria's Secret and S, I now have a cleavage. I was completely against the whole padded bra thing, but critics (S) told me that I was in desperate need of some padding. If my mother read this posting she would beg to differ and claim that I loooove "enhancement" bras as she did catch me wearing my own (homemade) version of the padded bra, courtesy of the tissue paper in our bathroom (let she without sin cast the first stone). I love my mother but she still reminds me of that period in my life.

Anyway, once I got used to that thing on (the Miraculous) I literally felt as if I entered a sisterhood of femininity (DRAMATIC, I know), but hey, that's how I felt. The Miraculous ranges from $49 - $68, located in a Victoria's Secret store near you or on


Ps. S is funny! She has been on me for months about this particular bra, you would think the girl has a stake in Victoria's Secret.