Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Saturday in my Life!//Pt. 2

For those of you who don't know...I  was born and raised in Sweden to Eritrean parents. I was lucky enough to be born into a family of love and great friendships. My parents were and are very much in love and my siblings are the most wonderful people you'll ever meet....I know, I know...this is where I say "despite the fact that they get on my nerves", but really I think I along with my obsessive/compulsive/controlling/"clean that up right now" personality is the one to get on peoples nerves. What can I say, I get it from my daddy. Either way, I've been lucky.

From the time I can remember I've always had a wonderful Christmas. My mother used to make us all dress sister and I used to get our hair done and my beautiful Mamina (that's what we call her) wore her latest Eritrean dress along with her best gold. She always looked stunning, and every time my father would look at her as if it was the first time he laid eyes on her. I always loved their relationship and felt blessed that they were so open about their love when our culture is far from showing the kind of love that my father showed my mother. I have no idea if my writing is making any sense right now...but wharrreverrr!

Sooo, to my next point. Where I'm from we celebrate Christmas today, the 24th of December. I've spent the entire day moping around, because I've been alone. Yes, yes...I sound pathetic:) It's true though, in America, Christmas is spent on the 25th, hence, I'm alone on the 24th, as this is the day where people spend their time last minute shopping. Anywhooo, here I am being super not grateful.

Today I realized that I need to get over myself and just be thankful for everything and everyone that I have in my life. I'm kind of weirded out by myself that it had to get this dramatic for me to appreciate what I have in my life.

With that said....Merry Christmas beautiful people. Thank you for everything!!!