Sunday, June 17, 2012

Interview: Mitchelle'l + Irene = True?

- By Ruth Bekuray -

RB. Since you come from a very diverse background (Eritrean and American), where do your musical influences come from?
M. Music runs very deeply on my mother's side of the family.  My uncles used to have a band of their own back in the day.  A lot of my cousins could sing and write as well.  Oh, and my Aunt still sings like Patti Labelle!  Although my mother has never really been a singer, she has always had a deep love for music.  With that being said, she raised me on quality music.

RB. Who is your role model?

M. Role model???  I'm a grown ass man!!  I don't have a role model lol, but seriously, I was blessed enough to have a father who helped provide me with a great childhood and upbringing.  Your father is the one that sets the bar for you.  It is then up to you to raise that bar.    

RB. Girlfriend or a girl that’s a friend?

M. Yes.  I am heavily involved, I have been for years.  She demands all of my time, and I am totally          devoted to her.  I have made many sacrifices to keep her in my life.  Her name is Music.

RB. Who is the prettiest girl you know?  After myself, of course, and obviously you can’t say your mother.

M. Oh...well.  There's this other girl I know who always seems to catch my eye.  Her name is "Irene".

RB. Describe yourself in three verbs…

M. Passionate, Loyal, & Genuine

RB. So, Omar Epps was part in writing Irene.  How did that come about?  And who is this Irene chic? 

M. Omar and I linked up through my manager, Hannah Kang.  She has been good friends with both Omar and his wife Kiesha Epps (of the 90's Badboy group "Total") for many years..

"Irene" u ask?"  Oh...Irene is this chic I met when I moved out to Atlanta.  She was actually introduced to me by Young Dro.  Irene and I immediately began a very heavy love affair, however I knew from the start that she could never be mine.  Irene has a very free spirit, she comes and goes as she pleases.  I'm just happy when she comes my way.

RB. In a perfect world, who would be your next collaboration?

M. In a perfect world, I think my next collaboration would be with Alicia Keys.  As you already know, we don't live in a perfect world.  She may not be my next collaboration, but I do envision it happening.

RB. Do you listen to habesha music?  If not, shame on you.

M. Lol.  Yeah I do every now and then.  My father raised us on some good habesha music.

RB. If you were an ice cream in my freezer, which flavor would you be?

M. Huh?  Lol.  What flavor do you like best?

RB. Dog or cat?
M. Daaaawg!

RB. A girl in a dress or a girl in jeans?

M. Depends on the occasion, but I like a girl that can mix it up, from jeans to dresses.  From a pair of Jordan's to a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood's.  Feel Me?

RB. ATL or NYC? And why?

M. I love both places for different reason.  If I had to choose one place to live in, I would go with ATL.  I have enjoyed traveling to different places around the world.  I will however always be a "southern-boy" at heart.  ATL wins for that reason.

RB. Mitchelle’l?  What’s that all about? 

M. I know, right?  That's what I said.  Lol.  My grandfather (Father's side), Papa Sium, is the one who named me.  In English it translates to Michael.

During WW2, the country of Eritrea was colonized by the Italians.  Thus, the country has some Italian influences, hence; my name Mitchelle'l.  As a kid, I remember shying away from the name for reasons of wanting to fit in.  As I matured, I began to take a liking to the name for reasons of wanting to stand out.  Lol.

RB. Finish this sentence.  I wish I was a little bit …

M. Why waste time wishing?  

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