Saturday, April 20, 2013



What is it about having "favorite things" that forces us to abuse ourselves? Take yours truly for example...I have a section in my closet dedicated to torture. This is were I keep the "cut off my blood circulation" dresses, the "paralyze me" heels and the "rip my earlobe" earrings. I'm positive that you know what I'm referring too. 

A few years back my father and I went to dinner at a new restaurant in the city. In the spirit of looking awesome I decided to visit my closets torture section (after swearing that I would burn it). It's funny how I always manage to forget the pain, tears and massive discomfort suffered from this particular section of my closet. Not even one hour in and I was visibly limping. My father then asked me the billion dollar question. 

- Why do you keep doing this to yourself?

I looked at him as if I had no idea what he was referring to. He continued asking me questions along the line of; What are you trying to prove? Who are you kidding?...followed by; Do you hate yourself?

As I find these annoying questions extremely valid, I did what I always do when someone attempts to hint that I look uncomfortable due to my wardrobe choices. I simply block out the pain and convince myself that I look skinnier in heels (fact). With that said, I will continue to visit my very own chamber of torture.