Monday, April 08, 2013

Walking Away


Am I crazy or are these faded, 'walking away' pictures the most interesting? It's sort of 'Where is that girl going?, What is she doing on top of a mountain? Why is she always on top of a mountain?' Or I may be the only person that really cares that much. Remember Craig David? Don't blame you if you don't. He was all the craze a while a while, I mean about a decade. Either way, I have remained to stay loyal to good ol' C. I have so many memories attached to every single song he ever made, except for the one he did with Sting. I remember hopping into my audi convertible and driving through the desert, hair blowing in the wind...Except for the fact that the audi was a blue Renault Clio (obviously no convertible), and there was no desert in Sweden, and my hair didn't really start moving in the wind until I turned 20 and discovered excellent products. It's funny how our memory turns really selective in the quest of adding a smidg of fabulosity to life.