Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Penny Loafer

-By Sha Glynn- While roaming around the Bloomingdale’s Friends and Family Sale this weekend, I became nostalgic.  And excited!  I was, for lack of a better word, slightly “verklempt” after noticing just how many new penny loafers were on display.  I couldn’t help but think about 5th grade, when I sported my loafers along with my white Jordache jeans and my sparkly Michael Jackson glove.  My childhood best friend and I even “designed” our own tops, writing PYT on white sweatshirts using red and black markers.  My Mom was appalled, I’m sure, but oh…those were the days!

The humble little loafer, once the source of emergency funds for kids needing to make a phone call—way before cell phones and even before pay phones cost a quarter—has come a long way.  Now it’s something of an icon and I’m so happy that it’s back!

From old-school, flat ones to cutting edge loafer pumps, these shoes are the perfect answer to the fall blues.  Wear them with jeans while tailgating on the weekends or with skirts to work.  Maybe you’ll even get the urge to listen to Michael Jackson’s Thriller album, like I did! 

Looking fashionably forward...