Friday, November 04, 2011

Today: Soft Spoken vs. Conversation Crasher

Today I committed the ultimate "proper etiquette" crime. I interrupted two people having what seemed to be a great conversation. Although this may seem rather trivial to some, I find interrupting people in the middle of a convo to be up there with chewing with your mouth open, picking your nose, and/or pushing a pregnant woman in line at Wholefoods, and several other horrible and barbaric acts that proper upbringing prevents me from doing. I don't know what was worse...the fact that I interrupted them or the fact that I couldn't care less. All I knew was that I wanted to speak to one of my victims.

As I approached my targets I realized that it may not have been the brightest thing to do. Once my IQ decided to kick in I was too close to act as if I was just walking by...pretending at this point would have only portrayed me as a psychotic-stalker-beast, and I will take rude over p-s-b most days of the week. 
My "I don't mean to interrupt" was met with a "but ya did". Yes people "but ya did"!  

Once I was done committing one of my father's cardinal sins and the source of all evil (yes, interrupting) I turned around and walked away. A few minutes later there he was...nice, easy going and very forgiving:) I couldn't help feeling a tad bit embarrassed...which made my awkwardness come out, which in turn unleashed my shyness, which resulted in him calling me soft spoken. Yes, Freud would have had a field day in my brain today. After a short conversation he was on his way and gets an INTERVIEW!

Can I get a woopwoop for NO pride:)