Saturday, July 10, 2010

Layla Adonia!

SC) How do you feel about the whole Tiger Woods thing? Don't you think it's about that time to leave the poor idiot alone?

LA) He definitely got what he deserved. He dug his own grave. Although I am tired of hearing about it I'm more than happy his wife really got him! Can't stand a cheater! I guess this is just his reality check, wake up Tiger you're a black man!

SC) Do you text and drive?

LA) Nope! I can multi task but not when my life is at risk.

OPRAH would be proud and if you’re in with the O you’re in with me honey!

SC) This guy I know, let's call him "Sam Berhane" (yes, that is his real name), thinks you're pretty hot! What is the first thing you look for in a guy (inquiring minds would like to know:)?

LA) Lmao Hi Sam & thanks! Ummm, first thing?! Honestly I just check to see if he's a stand up guy, really.

Sam just told us that he may possibly open up an entire facebook account dedicated entirely to L. Don’t freak out Layla…he does not live in Canada.

SC) Tell us a bit about your radio show.

LA) I'm part of which is a not for profit Eritrean Youth Organization. Dj Chedo & I co-host MESRadio together every Sunday 6PM[est]. Our goal is bridge the gaps we have within our community since the health of our community is dependent on us. We do this by tackling issues that we face. Although we are an Eritrean organization our topics are still relative to most Eastern cultures.

SC) Honda or Toyota?

LA) Toyota BABY!!!!

Hmm! Really?

SC) What advice can you give young people who are trying to do the whole new media thing (blogs, online radio...etc.)?

LA) Stick to it! Do it for the right reasons & just stick with it. Do not get discouraged if you don't see progress immediately...all good things come to those who wait. Hard work really does pay off!

SC) What would you do if you had $999,999?

LA) Work even harder to hit $1,000,000!

SC) Tell us why we should follow the L?

LA) To experience *single Aladdin's song* "a whole new world".

SC) Walk barefoot on canal street in NYC (gross) or run down a busy street naked wearing nothing but converse?

LA) Lmao, ummmm, I'd have to take a stroll down canal *barf*! I'm pretty modest believe it or not!

SC) What do you want to be when you grow up

LA) A GREAT Mother!

We love this girl!!! Best wishes for the future and we are totally following the L and so should all of you out there in WebLand!!!

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Ps. Layla will be attending the Eritrean Soccer Tournament in Atlanta, GA this week, if you’re lucky, you’ll run into her there. SAM!