Monday, October 22, 2012

Golden Days

A while back in time...
I went to visit my dancer girlfriend Adena in Stockholm. I did what I always do when seeing an old friend (that I haven't seen in a million years) I re-merchandise their closets. It's not something I can help I'm just all about condensing, organizing and cleaning out closets, and something about her just screamed 'hoarder'. As I started going through her things I saw one interesting piece after another. It was as if her closet was the lovechild of a ballerina and her astronaut husband. It wasn't until I spotted this gold paint coated knit sweater with the tag still attached that my tiny eyes got super wide and I immediately started thinking of several ways of wearing it. 

A few hours later when it was time to leave she hands me a plastic bag and says 'Happy Birthday' (it wasn't my birthday). I open the bag and voila the space sweater was mine.