Monday, October 10, 2011

Outfit of the day...Ok, not ToDay, but a Day!

I love this outfit...only because it's all about layering and I'm obsessed with the color scheme. Maybe not a "who's that girl" outfit, but definitely a "is she wearing a short sleeved silk shirt over an oversized jean shirt" outfit. Just saying!

Now to the most important part of this outfit, the beehive placed directly on top of my head! Yes, it's my real hair and not a hat. I will now teach you how to make yours as fortress/Minnie Mouse like as mine. Step one is to take an elastic, one of those that doesn't rip your hair, obviously! Place it in a high ponytail and make sure that you get all the hair.  Step two is to split the pony tail in half and wrap it around the elastic...and voila, a bird nest is formed! You're welcome my darlings:)

Jean Shirt: H&M, Silk Shirt: JCrew, Pants: Kimchi Blue,
Shoes: Karen Millen, Clutch: Old Make-Up Bag