Sunday, October 09, 2011

A Saturday in my Life!

Yesterday was spent outside of CNN's headquarters in downtown Atlanta and at the Auburn Music Fest, two very different scenarios. The initial plan was to interview Q from 112 for my weekly video postings for Shukorina and 11 Alive. When that got canceled and a few whiny-heiny comments later (from yours truly:), Ruth suggested that we go to the Auburn Music Fest in downtown Atl. Since I had never been, it sounded like a good idea. On our way over there we passed CNN's headquarters...and the rest is a nosy persons dream come true.

Dress: Shukorina

Right outside of CNN a group of people from Mauritania were demonstrating to stop genocide and slavery in their country. I had to speak to them!  For some reason I got super nervous. Don't ask! I'm not supposed to get nervous like's just hard for me to speak to a larger group of people at once. I'm great when there's two or possibly 5, but large groups freak me out. Have to seriously get over it. You will see my video as soon as Marques and I edit it. Should be soon!

On a lighter note...I ran into Beestroh (107.9) at the Auburn Fest, and forced him to be my guide (good times:). Obviously I was looking for food, but the scary thing about these places is that everything is fried! EVERYTHING! The water may even be fried. Grossness!!! I just can't!

Beestroh and I

Singer Nick Hagelin aka Ken (as in Barbie's husband)

Moi helping "Tickle my Tummy Cupcakes" sell Cupcakes!
Between Ruth and I we SOLD some serious cupcakes.
Who knew Beestroh takes great pictures.

Ended the day on my "thinking" bridge! Exhausted but happy:)