Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Stealing a Baby Name//Smart or Evil?//You know who you are!

It has come to my attention that girls actually steal their friends baby names. know who you are. I find this to be interesting as this offense is ranked in a somewhat of grey-zone of crimes. However, to some it is actually close to murder. I'm serious!!

It goes a little something like this...You have a BFF (best friend forever) whom you share everything with. One day you start talking about having children and voila you commit the cardinal sin of telling her what you plan on naming your future bundle of joy, not knowing that this copy cat monster of a friend is actually taking know who you are!

Now! Who can you blame? Is it her fault that you fed her the info? Is it her fault that she lacks any type of imagination? Not really...huh? It's your fault! You where naive enough to think that she wouldn't steal your baby name.

Let's talk legal...obviously this cannot be classified as stealing intellectual property as nothing was put in writing. You're probably thinking that I'm insane for even mentioning this, but consider this a disclaimer...if there is a friend of mine out there that has baby name info (that I've provided) keep that shizznee to yourself. Not playing!! Just saying.

On that note...I love my friends:)