Wednesday, June 29, 2011

@ the Doctor's office with my "children"

I had such a scare about 7am this morning. I opened up my laptop to start working but it wouldn't work. Being the calm and collected and fabulous person that I am I waited for a good 4 minutes before I started freakin' out!! I grabbed my phone to make a phone call to J and scream in her ear, but my iPhone was also acting psycho! If I didn't know better I would think it was a conspiracy.
I got ready in what seemed like 3 minutes and off I went. Apple in the mall obviously doesn't open until the mall opens but that didn't stop me from "crack-of-dawning" their situation. Get it? Crack-of-dawning?

There I was with my face glued to the stupid mall. I was a mother on a mission. My children (MAC+iPhone) were sick and I had to take them to the hospital (the Apple store).

Once they opened I went straight to the genius bar and it was taken care of. I love the people at Apple! They're customer service skills are really on another level.