Friday, June 03, 2011

ERI-APA (Eritrean American Professional Association)

Last night was the first Eri-APA meeting. It was amazing, and what an accomplished crowd. As an Eritrean it makes me extra proud to see that we have people on Wallstreet (Adam Teckie), in major financial institutions in New York City, as University Deans, as noted and respected artists, in the UN, Bankers, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers and Harvard Doctors (yes people, and she is a girl)! I know there are many more out there, this organization offers a great platform for all people with the common goal of connecting and advancing in life. Some great questions were asked during the meeting and I have to say that I love that Magda was the first one to ask Adam a question in regards to the banking world (her industry).

Henok Kidane, a successful entrepreneur and Dawit Ghebreab, a lawyer, really did a great job with this one. I'm honored that I was asked to be apart of this (as the moderator). I was so nervous and really wanted to make the guys proud. The meeting was held at the Akerman offices in NYC (one of the city's top law firms, on Madison Avenue). Obviously their offices are beautiful, located on the 26th floor, with an amazing view of the greatest city on earth (after Asmara, of course:).

This was the perfect way to kick off something that I know will grow into a huge network!

*More pictures will follow*

Ps. For the record, if I ever hear anyone say, the famous "there are no good Eritrean men or women (to marry)" line, I will beat you up!