Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Versace + H&M = TRUE:)

Hello my beautiful friends. Guess what?? C'mon...guess! Ok, ok, ok...I'll tell you; Versace and H&M are doing a collabo. Yes, you heard it here:) Donatella made the announcement today in Milano. She will finally follow the likes of Lanvin, Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney just to name a few.

I'm not a big Versace fan but I love Donatella! Back in the day they had a place next to us (in RI)...and every time I used to accidentally spend my college allowance on clothes, massages and getting my hair done (it was a must, I swear), I would wish/day-dream/beg the Lord that D would knock on my door and give me 50,000 dollars (I'm not greedy). Long story short, it never happened!

Anyway...here we are with a Versace + H&M Fall 2011 collection, November 17th to be exact, it's nothing short of history (drama, I know). You know what that means though...there's going to be some serious fighting on 5th Ave! I'm just saying.  

J and I have a system! We're not your average "camp out of the store" clothing worshipers. We are strategic H&M goers. We get to the store in our combat outfits (leggings and a loose top/jacket) whatever non-importante outfit you can put together, that still looks somewhat acceptable, but you don't care if it gets torn up. Yes, people...it tends to get ugly. The main goal is to get something you can actually wear, if not, get whatever looks half way decent. After that, you should just start yanking things out of peoples hands. We've done pretty well although Jamie almost lost an arm in 2004 for the sake of a Karl Lagerfeld top and in 2005 (Stella McCartney) we got into it with these girls from Buffalo New York. I really had to go gangsta on them!

Although I can't stand crowds like that...it really has turned into somewhat of a competitive sport for moi. Hey, some are into basketball and others love fashion.

See you on 5th Ave (H&M store).

Ps. Don't get mad if I happen to Oscar de la Hoya you. I promise it's not personal:)