Sunday, June 26, 2011

Glenn and much more...

Necklaces: Stalini Coin, Bismarck Chain, Ivory Necklace by H&M
(relax it's costume jewelry)
Rings: White Gold rings - Michael Persson Carling, Ivory ring - H&M
Watch: Rose Gold - Michael Kors

Last night Ruth, Larry and I went on the ultimate Atlanta nightlife tour. We started off at the Glenn Hotel roof top, which I loved! Such a mixed and fun cup of tea. After that we stopped by Aurum in midtown and I actually ran into Shannon...sweet girl. She was looking fresh and refreshed...why wouldn't she though, she's spent the summer traveling all over the place. 
Aurum was fun and mixed as well. Once we were done there we went to Compound to meet up with my buddy/brother from anozer mazer, N:). I literally did a drive by or drive through, whatever 2pac phrase is appropriate...It was actually ok, except for the guy who insisted I was in Law School and wanted to throw me in the back of his trunk. What is the deal with people?? No decorum. Whatever happened to polite conversations about art, music and education? Shiiish (kebab)!

My feet were murdering my situation by the way! I need some orthopedic heels people! Also, this was the first time I've ever worn red lipstick out. I'm serious. I was the most annoying lipstick wearer in the history of make-up. I kept imagining that my teeth were turning red. Paranoia, I tell you!! I'm surprised R didn't hold me down and wiped it off of my face. I would have had the roles been reversed! 

Just saying:)

All in all, it was a fun night. 

Ps. Ruth and I need to stop texting while out. That's another topic.