Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I will not post a pic of my outfit today...I am looking atrocious. Not just saying that. It started this morning when I woke up in stroke mode, remembering that I forgot to do something. In true warrior spirit I flew out of the bed and got ready in something that felt like 7 nanoseconds, I kid you not! I NEVER FORGET STUFF! What is going on with me? I got everything done though...and all is well in Shukorina Land:) outfit consisted of navy blue Marc Jacobs flip flops, baggy Adidas sweat pants (oh, yes I did), a bright blue tank top, gold aviator RayBans (I'm sorry for disrespecting you), and my brown ¨I love Vintage¨ bag. No shame in my game...what kills me is that I was on the phone with my girlfriend from Sweden telling her that she should be locked up for an outfit she was wearing. I think I need a nap.