Tuesday, March 01, 2011

John Galliano - kicked out of Dior

To many of us, John Galliano is known for his avant garde fashion and artistic haute couture collections for the legendary House of Dior. He is celebrated all over the world amongst fashion lovers, royalties and creative geniuses. Galliano's Dior dresses also grace red carpets all over the world and he is the A-list's go-to designer for one of a kind pieces. Galliano's recent headlines is for something other than exquisite taste. 
According to Britain's Sun newspaper, he was quoted making anti-Semetic comments in a Paris restaurant. A spokesperson for Dior has stated that the company has condemned his behavior and they are deeply saddened by this. Apparently Galliano went as far as to state that he loves Hitler and referring to mothers and forefathers being ¨f---ing gassed and f---ing killed¨. 
Christian Dior is now proceeding with the firing of John Galliano. Way to kill your career! I am personally disgusted and frankly shocked by this. This is a man who is supposed to represent what is beautiful and has instead shown something absolutely atrocious.

A sad day in fashion...