Monday, March 28, 2011


The other day I decided to try this restaurant on Howell Mill. Miller Union. I always pass it, every time I try to maneuver my way through the city (yes, I like to take the long way home). Anyway...this time I actually planned to go there and I'm glad I did. I ordered the fried flounder fillet with shaved lettuce, caper herb mayo (MU's own) and french fries per my server Jennifer's recommendations and it was wonderful. For wine I tried the Bianca Vigna Brut Prosecco San Pietro di Feletto, Italy n/v, which is a white sparkling wine. Yes people, I took myself out on a date!!

The simplicity in the decor reminded me of a Scandinavian restaurant in Stockholm located by the water. There was somewhat of a nostalgic feeling presence at MU:) Right next to my table there was a ladder, obviously I realize that is was there for decoration purposes but I had to control myself to not climb it. Could you imagine? On my right there was a couple enjoying their dessert. They were eating something that resembled an ice cream called ¨the Sandwich¨ that we used to eat when we were younger. Since I went here for lunch I'm not quite sure of how the ambiance is during dinner and in the evening time but I'm sure would be delightful.  

So...long story short, I really enjoyed my lunch at Miller Union, great food, wonderful service, and an incredible date:)

Addy: 999 Brady Ave., NW. Atlanta, GA 30318
Holla @ anyone...everyone I encountered was pleasant and on point!

Ps. This may sound crazy, but their table water was actually tasted like bottled water (and by that I mean clean), non of that chlorine-poison after taste that most restaurants leave you with, just saying.