Monday, March 21, 2011


The other day my good friend Leor in Atlanta forwarded me a Scoutmob email (don't know why I'm not receiving it myself...could be my Aprés Diem bashing, but whatever) about ¨Desta Ethiopian Kitchen¨ in Atlanta, GA. She remembered me telling her that we would go there one day when we were both in Atlanta at the same time (rarely happens). Anyway, this little place located on the corner of Clairmont and Briarcliff rd. is the ultimate taste-haven. Everything I've ever tasted on that menu has been nothing but delicious. Ethiopian food is as flavorful and colorful as it gets, in a good way. This is the place where all of your food-inhibitions are left eat with your hands (not both at the same time, important to know).

You take a piece of the thin injera bread and ¨pinch¨ the different spicy sauces, meats and vegetables. My favorite dishes are the Fish Tibs (Fried Tilapia) and the Tibs Tenderloin. I'm seriously getting hungry writing this. Yes, I'm a hungry monster:) Yummy! DESTA has created the perfect combination of traditional and modern....and guess what...they're customer service is on point, the good people at Desta take their jobs very seriously. Love it!!!

By now I'm sure that everyone knows how picky and psychotic I am about FOOD and FASHION and I can honestly say that this place rocks my belly:)