Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The ultimate Woman

Cook, clean, raise children, raise well mannered children, be modern and educated, have a career, stay beautiful, be a loving and adoring wife, mother, daughter and sister. These are some of the duties that fall upon the shoulders of a woman. It starts early as the role of a daughter and possibly a sister. As a good daughter you are to respect and obey your father and love and protect your mother, a good sister is supposed to protect the feelings of her siblings as well as offer support and encouragement. None of these are easy tasks to master. It takes conscious efforts and constant trial and error in order to become an ¨almost¨ expert.

Obviously I have these two roles down! Seriously:)

In the old days a woman's role was to stand behind her husband and she was not to have a voice. A woman who deviated from the norm was considered a somewhat disgrace and was looked upon as a ¨wild woman¨. As times changed and women gained more and more influence in society so did the rules. Girls were going to school to become, doctors, lawyers, professors, bankers and even astronauts. In our time women are running for political office and changing the world. Women such as my girl Oprah have created history and are a great source of inspiration for young girls all over the world.    

So who is the ultimate woman? 

To me the ultimate woman is a confident, strong, loving, reasonable and nurturing source of comfort. She is confident enough to not have the need to be loud and is happy leading from the back. She is strong enough to take care of her parents and siblings, the family she shares with her husband as well as her husbands family. She is strong enough to take criticism and still be hungry for more knowledge. She is strong enough to earn a university degree while maintaining a humble and non confrontational demeanor towards her husband. She is loving enough to be kind and generous towards strangers and people in need. She is loving enough to put her family's needs in front of her own and loving enough to support and respect the dreams of her husband. She is reasonable enough to be forgiving and patient. She is nurturing enough that her husband and children see her as a pillar of hope and goodness. She is a source of comfort to her friends where they lean on her for moral support and a shoulder to cry on. The ultimate woman is God fearing and leads by example.

She is Superwoman!