Thursday, March 24, 2011


Back at Octane Coffee shop. I'm just waiting for them to name a wall or a table after me, as I come here religiously almost every single day (when I'm in town). There's something inspiring and simple about this place that speaks to me. Anyway...enough with the mushyness. So I walk in to Octane and there were only three tables available and I randomly picked the one in the middle, furthest away. As I was getting settled in...I spot this little bundle of deliciousness on one of the chairs. Weddings Unveiled Magazine. Could this be a sign that I should go and spend the equivalent amount of what it would take to plan a major wedding? I don't know, it could be. I did what any curious fashion loving magazine collector would do....I looked around and slowly put that bad boy in my purse and pretended as if nothing happened. What can I say; my inner bank robber got the best of moi.

I'm not a thief, just a lucky initiative taker.

Super excited about reading every single page!