Thursday, August 25, 2011

At Bloomingdales with Current & Elliott...

After a long day of being not too productive...don't know what happened to me...hmm...I decided to stop by the Current & Elliott/Kate Spade event at Bloomingdales. The girls from C&E were there, which I thought was awesome and so was Deborah Lloyd, creative director of Kate Spade New York!

Designers Emily Current & Meritt Elliott of Current & Elliott
The event had a great group of people:) Love it and I'm actually a fan of Bloomingdales. Their service is always great (my opinion). Met a girl that works there for Kate Spade, and I hope she doesn't hate me for forgetting her name, but I have to say that she knew everything about the products. I love that! Her approach was so pleasant and friendly and she did it in a way where I didn't feel as if she was trying to tackle me a'la Reggie Bush into buying something.

I love when people know their stuff, just saying! Something about good customer service...

The event was to launch WESTWARD, a collaboration between denim designers Current/Elliott and Kate Spade.

Yay, Bloomingdales:)


Ps. I'm a huge fan of these girls! Special Thanks to Mara of Bloomingdales <3

Shanita, Curb Appeal