Monday, August 22, 2011

The Spice of Life, by: Alex Delotch Davis for

Chef Art Smith 
Without a doubt, if my metabolism were slower I could easily be Oprah, circa 1992. But, I’ve been unfairly blessed with an ability to eat absolutely anything I want without the unfortunate consequences (I’m not bragging, just sayin’). I’m told it will catch up with me shortly. In the meantime I take full advantage. All of that to say that I love food! Some people have a fetish for clothes and shoes. Mine is food. When my budget allows, I will spend my measly extra on great food and great ambiance every time. So the Oprah inside of me was super excited to read that her chef will be opening a restaurant in Atlanta.
Braised short ribs with vegetables and farmer's cheese

According to Shukorina friend,, Art Smith, who has successful restaurants in Washington, DC and Chicago, will open his latest culinary outfit in Atlanta at Buckhead’s Intercontinental Hotel. 

Set to debut on September 26, Southern Art and Bourbon Bar will surely be the new place to go in the city. The restaurant will begin taking reservations on September 12. How long do we think it will take to get in?  What ever it is, me and my inner Oprah will wait patiently for a chance to sit at the “Artisan Ham Bar” and the “Vintage Pie and Cake Table.” Seriously? A ham bar? So excited!

By: Alex Delotch Davis for