Thursday, August 04, 2011

Usher's World Leadership Conference & Awards 2011

To my Shukorina friends...these pictures have been hanging out on my desktop for like a month (I'm terrible, I know). Here it goes:
Usher on stage 
I was extra happy that Ted Turner was being honored for all of his philanthropic work. He truly is an inspiring man, and his message and philosophy is very simple "be of service to others", basically don't just live for yourself. It's pretty powerful.

The funniest thing was when we went to park the car and the attendant told us that they were packed. You would think that would stop Big Booth (Ruth)...she obviously didn't take that rejection very well and jetted by him. Since I always follow the rules;) I was obviously shocked/impressed. After we parked she made me duck and almost crawl so the parking-nazi wouldn't find us.

It was pretty interesting.

Smooch Lovers!

Ps. Check out Usher's New Look Foundation as well as Ted Turner's United Nations Foundation.

Handing out awards

Award given to Ted Turner (Founder of Turner Broadcasting & CNN)

Mr. Ted Turner (An amazing man)