Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Color me Good! By: Hanna Thedros for

Color: African Violette from American Apparel
Nailpolish to me is like candy for your fingers. What a yummy accessory! So yummy, that I make it my business to switch colors once a week. I love trying new popping colors. For some reason I feel bare when my nails are “uncolored” (you know what I mean).

Painting my nails is somewhat of a ritual, and like every ritual it needs a great foundation. My foundation is a nice clear base. You can really use any clear, but my favorite is Essie (really anything from their nail care package). A great base is also what will keep your nails from staining.

Color: Pink from H&M

How I do it:
1.     Treat your cuticles (push them back)
2.     File your nails
3.     Apply a clear base
4.     Paint your nails with your favorite color
5.     Apply a clear top coat (preferably a quick dry coat)
6.     Oooooof (That’s me blowing them dry)

By: Hanna Thedros for

Color: Malibu Green