Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Yummy Cupcakes and Girl Power

Since I do majority of my work online it only makes sense that I do a lot of skype-ing and chatting (disclaimer, just saying)...glad we got that out of the way. With that said I was chatting with my girlfriend Sara (from back home) and she told me that she just started a Cupcake delivery business. Her company Yummy Cupcake makes fresh cupcakes (daily) and deliver them to businesses all around town. How phenomenal right? This may not tickle your fancy as it tickles mine, maybe you have to really know her in order for you to be fascinated by her, but I am so intrigued by everything she does.

This is a girl that used to be my neighbor about 100 years ago, we grew up together. Compared to her I went a very traditional route. I went to college and later continued to grad school, while Sara and some of the other cool kids travelled around the world for inspiration and experience. Don't get me wrong I travelled a great deal myself (don't want to come off not grateful) but not like Sara and them. My trips involved going to church, to work with my dad (whom I love the death) and supervised shopping, YES supervised! Do I sound bitter, hmm?

Anyway...I can't really put all of her business put there (I mean I could but I wont) but Sara is a true entrepreneur and a risk taker. She's always been the type of person who acts like she has nothing to loose. Pretty cool, huh!? I need to be more like that!

Someone else I know and love has the same philosophy when it comes to business ;) I love it!


Ps. To all my Shukorina friends: this is the time to do something that you love! This really the time to make things happen. Shukorina friends, you have the right to remain inspired!