Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Diary #1 - Secrets

When I was younger, keeping a diary was the dumbest thing you could do. It was basically documenting your crimes. I was never a stupid kid but my love of writing always got the best of me. I just couldn't stop writing stuff down, and every time my mother was cleaning the house a'la search warrant she would get a nice little update of what was going on in my life. This happened every single week and I was equally shocked, every single time. Anyway...fast forward to now...not much has changed...I still keep a journal, I have for years. Not too long ago I asked my <3 if he wanted to read it and he gave me a "you are a weirdo" look and said 'later'.

Rule # 1 in journal keeping: Unless you're planning on writing your secrets in a language that only you speak don't write it down. Remember....as soon as it hits that paper, it's not a secret!