Wednesday, August 03, 2011

My Crown...By: Hanna Thedros for

Headband w/ large flower, purchased at a random market in London. Picture by: Gabriel Gutierrez 

Although I usually don't complain about my hair I do at times have seriously bad hair days and as most girls I have days where I simply lack the energy to do anything about it.

Since our hair is our crown and glory:) it's very important to always look somewhat put together. So here are a few examples on how to spice things up without any major effort. It can all be solved with a colorful scarf or a big, bright flower. Great places to find scarfs are H&M, Zara and of course your local markets. Enjoy! 


Ps. Thank you Gabriel for these pictures:)

Twist scarf from American Apparel "light floral chiffon", retail price 16USD. Picture by: Gabriel Gutierrez 

Twist scarf from American Apparel "light floral chiffon"
(previous season), retail price 12USD. Picture by: Gabriel Gutierrez