Friday, September 23, 2011

Can I Get a Table Dance?/By: Alex Delotch Davis for

I love New York, or at least the idea of New York. I watch from afar and imagine myself as one of these uber-classic, super modern girls who jet about town, photograph at the most fashionable parties, wear the sweetest dresses, air kiss in the daytime and dance on tables at night. That’s what I imagine of girls like Genevieve Jones. 

Mrs. Jones is designer of her own eponymous line of jewelry featuring her signature safety pin earrings and gold bracelets. Named one of their classic investment items by Vogue Guide's Social Shopper, Jones’ earrings are simple yet edgy. Safety pin piercings are emblematic of alternative or fringe culture however G. Jones adds classicism to the idea by crafting the jewelry out of brushed metals and inlaying delicate diamonds and precious stones.

Genevieve Jones jewelry is available at Henri Bendel in NY, Colette in Paris and Intermix in Atlanta.  Until I relocate, I’ll wear a pair of GJ safety pin earrings and dance on my kitchen table, which should appease my inner NY girl…for the meantime.

By: Alex Delotch Davis for