Monday, September 12, 2011

Swedish Fashion Designer Ann-Sofie Back// Elegance for the Thinking Woman

VA: How would you describe your personal style and the Ann-Sofie Back Collection?

ASB: The collection is called Ann-Sofie Back Atelje, to mark the move to a proper luxury line. It's elegance for the thinking women, clearly someone who dresses for herself and with a sense of underlying humour.

VA: If you could only wear one designer your whole life (your line not included), who would it be?

ASB: That is impossible to say, I don't buy a lot of other designers.

VA: Name a celebrity that you would want to dress?

ASB: I like this quite new actress, Soarsie Ronan. Noomi Rapace I have dressed for the Venice Film festival as well as Robyn, women I really respect. It would be nice to dress a more mature person, like Angelica Houston or Yoko Ono. Now latest, the Swedish crown princess Victoria wore our diffusion line BACK to the Polar Prize awards ceremony, she looked really great!

VA: You have worked for other Swedish brands. How would you describe the Swedish fashion industry?

ASB: It's never better than it's weakest link.

VA: Name your top three designers.

ASB: Miuccia Prada (the most clever), Martin Margiela (I find him the most influential for me) and Coco Chanel.

VA: Finish this sentence: On a day in the dessert I would wear....

ASB: I would never be in the desert, I'm not adventurous in that way.