Monday, September 05, 2011

Project Runway is still Cool //By Alex Delotch Davis for

Project Runway is in it’s 9th season and second network which, for most shows, would mark the beginning of the end. Not Project Runway. It’s still just as entertaining and the designers are just as talented as it was in the beginning. My pick for this year is Brooklyn designer Kimberly Goldson. She’s super sweet on the show and her designs are simple and well tailored.

Unfortunately our Atlanta representative on this season’s show did not fair well. Rafael Cox, who grew up in Decatur, was eliminated in the first episode, although his portfolio showed great promise. For those that follow the show, you know that Atlanta has shown well in past seasons with designers, Heidi Elnora, Mychael Knight and fan favorite Anthony Williams. We have yet to claim the throne, but there’s still time. And coming in second (or third or whatever) hasn’t let our design stars stop them. Mychael Knight is showing at Fashion Week in his first solo show this year and Heidi Elnora has a very successful bridal salon at Peachtree Point in midtown.

I can’t wait to see who wins this year!

By: Alex Delotch Davis for