Friday, September 16, 2011

Oh, feelings are hurt!

I have been on a strict NO Starbucks diet for almost 1 year. Actually ever since Sineet moved:( sadness in my corazón. Sorry for the sleezy Spanglish:) it's something new I'm trying. I kind of like it! Anyway, I'm not a coffee drinker so my Starbucks drink of choice is Earl Grey Tea Latte. I used to love that little cup of delicioso...however, at the risk of sounding like a Tea-Elitist there are only a few locations that know how to really get it right. It's an art to get it perfect. I'm so serious!!! This is where my <3 would tell me that I'm a drama queen, which I'm NOT, obviously.

So this morning I decided to break my Starbucks hiatus with a nice, hot cup of tea. FAIL! They could have given me detergent or even dog food and it probably would have tasted the same as the drink that I'm staring at right now. I sort of want to go Godzilla on the cup, but I'm thinking I would get arrested if I did that and I have a very important meeting today at 12 that I cannot be 1 second late to!!! 

In conclusion, I'm back on my diet!!!

Ps. My Favorite Starbucks Coffe Shop in Atlanta, GA is the one located on Lavista Rd (Lavista and North Druid Hills) aka the Romantic Starbucks!!!