Sunday, May 29, 2011

SHOEGASM anyone?

So, believe it or not, right before my daddy went back to Europe he told me that he wanted to take me shopping. He told me I was allowed to buy anything I wanted and he would go into every single store with me, and NOT complain (am I dying and not aware?). Obviously you guys don't know my father, but the only thing that he hates more than going shopping with my mother, my sister and I, is fast food, which probably makes no sense to you, but wharreverrr:) Anyway, the man lasted for 45 minutes, which may not sound like much but it really is to my beloved Papa. I was only able to go into to one store, SHOEGASM in SoHo, before he was talking about how hungry and exhausted he was.

What is it about men and shopping?? Everyone man in my life, my brothers, cousins, father, uncles...even my love has issues when it comes to shopping for clothes. I don't get it! I feel like it's in style for men to whine when it comes to shopping with a girl. I love clothes...but even I hate the idea of shopping for hours. I can't do it, but this is extremely exaggerated! Is there a "Universal Boys Guide" that tells  them what to like and dislike. Weird!

Anyway, I was able to get these lovely brown flats. I'm obsessed:)

Ps. At least I had a Shoegasm;) mohahaha! 

My Shoes:)


My Mami and Papi, how cute!!!