Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Saks & the Concrete Jungle

I always forget how fast the days in New York go by. I've already been here for 3 days and it feels like 3 hours. The windows at Saks speak my language, they always did! It's colorful, loud (in an artistic way), and just really creative. Saks NY must have the best visual merchandisers ever. I'm serious! A few years ago when I was working in the city I walked by the displays every single day before and after work. They just make me happy. Today I tried explaining that to my father, obviously with no luck. Men just don't get it!

I walked by my old job and I'm really excited that I'm meeting with Michelle Melton and Alison Sky next week (not together) well you know what I mean:) I feel like there isn't enough time in the day to all of my stuff. I went to see Hassan in the garment district in regards to Shukorina dresses and we have another appointment in a few days with swatches and sketches...busy, busy. It should be nice though. I'm excited!

Also spoke to Henok about our first ever Eri-APA (Eritrean American Professionals Association). I'm the moderator. Yes, I am. Kind of scary...it's so funny with me, I interview people, but I still get really uncomfortable when speaking in front of a group. What to do, what to do?! Henok is great though...it's amazing how calm he is.

I'm definitely going to keep you posted on this...even if I do mess up.

The Windows at Saks 5th Ave are still my favorites