Friday, May 13, 2011

Sipping Tea @ Café Mims w/ Mitch from Invictus One

So I've finally decided that I'm going to be extremely serious about this whole "being healthy" thing. Not to say that I'm super unhealthy but I can definitely improve. Lately I keep hearing about young people, my age, who are getting sick from lack of proper diet, exercise and too much stress. We can't have buddy, not moi! In order to become more disciplined and to be on point with this new goal of mine I have enlisted the help of an expert.

Meet M. O'Neal Mitchell, aka Mitch:) He is the owner and developer of Invictus One, a privately instructed, all-in-one, personal defense and fitness conditioning program. If I'm going to be serious it only makes sense for me to work with the best:) This should be interesting. I have a feeling I'm about to get myself into something really difficult, but hey...what is life without some challenges. Maybe I should get some new workout outfits. Mitch, a Fortune 100 bodyguard, certified personal trainer and life-long martial artist, is EXTREMELY passionate about working out and staying healthy. I love that, however, I'm scared! Seriously!

You guys will be able to follow everything here and hopefully join me in my quest for a healthier and toned lifestyle.

Ps. During our conversation at Café Mims (across the street from the Fox theatre) one of my first questions was "How long is this going to take?".  Although he politely explained to me that this is a life-long commitment, I couldn't help feeling that I had just asked the dumbest question ever, and that he was most likely judging moi. Hmm?