Monday, May 30, 2011

Shorty's 32, NYC - That's all I have to say!

J finally took me to Shorty's for dinner, and what a dinner it was. We stayed until they shut the place down...that's how I do, I'm a persistent food eater :) Jamie has been speaking so highly of this place that she had no choice but to take me there...and it definitely lived up to my expectations and more. Everything I ate was delicious. I had the calamari salad and after that the chef, Josh Eden aka Shorty was sending out food and desserts left and right. Aaaahhh! Let's just say that I was in heaven for at least 2 hours:) The place is so cute and unlike any other restaurants in New York! Love!!!

Maybe I'll see one of you guys there;)

Go there, it will make you happy!

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