Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Are Boyfriend's 4 Moi?

Madewell Jeans
Up until now I haven't really dabbled or even been interested in the whole boyfriend jeans situation/phenomenon; as I find it to be completely ill-fitting for the ol' badonk-a-donk. I tried it and it made me look very graaaandioso! Just saying...My sister actually sent me the shorts version of it...and that would have been lovely and all had they not been super fitted on moi.

Sooo...what's a girl to do. I love the look, but I don't appreciate the Hulk Hoganess that comes with it. This is something that actually deserves research and careful analyzing. It is my baby-mission in life right now to invent a way where "hippie/curvy" girls will be able to wear boyfriend jeans or jeans in general and walk tall and proud, ok I'm exaggerating...but only a little bit. You know exactly what I mean. Right?!!??

I'm really serious about this. It's simply not fair:) ok, ok, ok...let me not turn this into first class drama, but you will thank me later/once I've figured it out.

Who's your daddy?:) Just kidding!

I am officially launching the Denim Police campaign. I will search high and low for the perfect jeans...may be coming to a city near you (soooooon). Mohahahaha!

Anyway...feel free to send me any input or tips to viktorya@shukorina.com with the subject "Denim Police".

Smooch Lovers!