Friday, July 15, 2011

Greg Lotus+Thornton Dial+Bill Lowe+Moi...

This past weekend we attended the 22nd year anniversary of the Bill Lowe gallery in Buckhead. Over the years the Lowe has served as a pioneer in the southern art world. The party featured Thornton Dial, who is one of the most noted artists to come out of the south, as well as photographs from fashion photographer (and my new personal favorite) Greg Lotus. I am such a sucker for beautiful high fashion photos. I could stare at them for hours. These particular photos were inspired by stories, you'll understand once you get you're cute little tush over there to check it out...

Every single piece was very "Vogue Italia". We all know how I feel about Italian Vogue <3 Can't wait until I get my place so I can fill it up with these little treasures:) Very exciting! 

Greg & I


Ps. Thank you to Alex Davis at the gallery:)