Saturday, July 30, 2011

What to Wear when meeting his parents...

Earlier today I had an FB chat/conversation with one of my best friends/childhood friends from back home. She was asking me what she should wear to an event that her lovers boyfriend's family was hosting. Normally I would call her a drama queen, but I do feel her pain. Apparently this is a serious dilemma that girls face when it's time to meet HIS parents. I get it, we all want to come off as the Stepford of future daughter-in-laws! Although I have a hard time believing that anyone wants to deal with "perfection" and constant smiling (robot status), however, it does make us feel a billion times better if HIS family actually likes/adores us. When it comes to outfits and future in-laws (possible future in-laws, let's not get ahead of ourselves), one should really consider this "that crucial first impression" moment that people always talk about (no pressure). Also keep in mind that if the family for some reason decides that they cannot stand're still not necessary out. Their approval just determines how much they will or will not torture you in the future. Get it?

Anyway...back to the outfits. A nice safe floral printed dress is probably the easiest way to is the best way to "neutralize" the enemy. Just saying! If his parents are anything like mine, do not wear black or any other Morticia (Adams) like hue (my mother's words, not mine). Make sure that the dress is knee length or maybe slightly above, if you want to go shorter. The model shown in the picture is a perfect example of playing it safe. Trust, you will thank me!

If you're (possible future) in-laws are more on the modern are free to be a little bit more bold. I said, a little bit bold, NOT stripper! This will allow you to play more with colors and length.

A great place to find great pieces is A.S.O.S. Personally I love a great one-shouldered dress for parties/weddings and a skirt with a cute blouse for church/lunch. Do not exaggerate with the accessories and feel free to wear traditional earrings/ring if you are Eritrean. They will eat it up. Just saying!


Ps. I will be expecting an invite to the wedding:)