Friday, July 29, 2011

The Blueprint Project By: Alex Delotch Davis for

The Buckhead mansion was HOT...not as in Paris Hilton “hot”, but as in hell “hot”. Just so you know, Atlanta is not the place to throw an outdoor party of any kind from June-August. Besides that however, Les Roberts’ BluePrint was one of the most well done events I’ve been to in Atlanta. Great crowd, nice music, interesting local businesses and a beautiful location. Don’t miss the next one.

Beautiful location.  See that sunlight in the distance…oh my!

My shukorina Robyn and I. 
We were “glistening”
from humidity by now.

Who says Atlanta doesn’t have great fashion designers? Check out design team Aman Stovall. They had their collection on display and a few models surfing the party.  Love this dress for myself.  Anyone want to buy it for me?

Robyn and Giancarlo. He’s such a gentleman.
Model wearing Aman Stovall

By: Alex Delotch Davis for