Saturday, July 02, 2011

The most handsome man I know!

Check my daddy out:) Is he not the most stylish Papi you've ever seen? Seriously...

This picture was taken earlier this summer in New York at Lincoln Center. It's so funny how stylish and modern my daddy is. Everywhere we go people compliment him on what he wears and how fashionable he is. What's even funnier is that he doesn't get it. He genuinely does not know how good he looks. Yes, I'm proud! Everything from Nudie Jeans to Tiger of Sweden to Armani...he even wears a bunch of stuff from Japanese designer Uniqlo and let's not forget his little Converse collection:)

Back in the day I used to force stuff on him, but as soon as I moved he turned GQ on me. You have to love it. My father is a 60 year old man that belongs on the cover of Esquire magazine, seriously. Anyway...before I overdo it with the bragging, I'll stop!

I'm just obsessed! I love everything about this man. He's a wonderful father and an amazing husband to my mommy. My mother loves fashion and while they were in NY he took her to Bryant Park on a Starbucks date.

Aaah...everyone should pray they find a husband like him!!!


Ps. Daddy's girl!