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Chatting with Nicole Gibbons of

Nicole Gibbons is one of those girls who makes it look easy to decorate any space. I don't know if it's just moi but whenever I attempt any renovating project, I immediately start going back and fourth with ideas and end up not getting anywhere. Messy! Nicole is the founder of one of my favorite decorating and lifestyle blogs So Haute Style. Since I'm in this whole moving mode right now, this interview could not have been more appropriate. This New York decorating goddess has all the answers!

VA: I really like your blog. Other than your love for interior design what inspired you to create SoHaute?

NG: I initially started my blog so I could have a place to chronicle all of the amazing people, places and things who inspire me and also to create an opportunity for me to share my point of view on decorating and design with others. Since my blog has gained a following it has evolved into a resourece for great decorating ideas and inspiration. It also has a very "insider-y" angle with profiles and behind-thes-scenes features on top names in the design world.

VA: Who is your all time favorite interior designer?

NG: Narrowing it down to one is incredibly difficult but I absolutely love Windsor Smith. I think she's a genius. I also really admire the work of Peter Dunham and Celerie Kemble and I've gleaned lots of inspiration from designers from the past like David Hicks and Billy Baldwin.

VA: What is your favorite room in your house, and why?

NG: My Living Room. It's the space that is the most cozy and relaxed and it also gets the most natural light than any other room in my apartment. I couldn't live without sunshine pouring into my home!

VA: What is the first step one should take when decorating an entire apartment (we all know it can get messy and at times very confusing)?

NG: First - Start by assessing the space and your needs. Will you entertain in the space? Do you have a big family that needs to be accommodated? Put some thought into those details BEFORE you start thinking about the purchases you want to make. Next - find your inspiration. I always tell people to look through your favorite magazines, search design blogs and flip through books for decorating ideas. Most people don't naturally have a knack for things like furniture placement or color schemes so looking these great examples will help inspire ideas for your own home. Also, if you have the resources, it's definitely well worth the investment to work with a designer who will help you see your space in ways you never envisioned it before. Also - I will soon be launching an affordable e-decorating service which will provide an opportunity for people to decorate their homes in a do it it yourself capacity with the guidance of my decor expertise along the way! I'll provide you with all the tools you'll need to create a stylish home including floorplans, mood boards and furniture selections as well as paint and fabric samples. I should have more details on my blog about it in the next few months!

VA: I love picking peoples brains for “get organized” tips, so this is me picking yours. What are your top three organizing tips?

NG: 1-Continuously de-clutter. Get rid of things you don't use on a regular basis whether it be old clothes, magazines, books, food, toiletries etc. Freeing yourself of unnecessary things that take up space in your home will create a better energy in your space. I do a big de-clutter at home every few months.
2- Go paperless. Sign up to receive all of your billing and financial documents electronically and also start shredding! Paper clutter is usually the #1 organizational issue most people wrestle with. Also sign up to stop receiving junk mail, unwanted catalogs and credit card solicitations. A few great websites to help you do this are and
3- Establish a place for everything. If you have magazines, tuck them away in a stylish basket. Your unread mail? Keep it concealed in a chic little box. Keeping clutter concealed and finding stylish storage solutions will make a big impact.

VA: In the “About” section of it says that reading So Haute is like getting design advice from a friend. This may not be the best statement to put out there when there are people such as myself who take these inviting statements literally. Are you constantly being invited to friends decorating “parties”?

NG: LOL. No, I don't think I've been invited to any decorating parties!

VA: What inspires you?

NG: I’m inspired by so many things…art, architecture, the work of other designers past and present, my travels, other cultures, books...really anything around me that I find beauty in has the possibility to inspire me.

VA: Who inspires you?

NG: Oprah, Martha Stewart, My best friend Lizzy.

VA: What is the best way of decorating a His & Hers place (to avoid conflict)?

NG: The best way? Hire a decorator and let them help you figure it all out! The easiest way when doing it yourself is to keep a space fairly neutral and incorporate little touches of the decor elements that appease both him and her.

VA: A closet full of beautiful, colorful and happy clothes or a home full of beautiful, colorful and happy furniture?

NG: A home full of beautiful, colorful and happy furniture:)

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