Friday, July 15, 2011

Coulda, woulda...and of course, shoulda!

I just found an email I wrote myself, dated November 1st 2009. Obviously I'm not going to read what I wrote, but the subject said "I promise to..." and the email was basically a long list of promises that I made myself. As I went through the list (just now...17 minutes ago, to be exact) I realized that I have only been true to three of the promises. Three is not that bad, however, there are over 25 of these written down. I'm extremely bothered by this. I do have until I turn 30 to materialize these promises, so I have a little bit to go, but it is worrisome that I wrote them all down, sent them to myself, and forgot all about them. What is my problem??

I saw it in an old movie once; this young girl wrote down a list of things that she wanted to accomplish before the age of 25, and everything she did until then were efforts to do everything on her list. I love lists! I love them so much that my list has a list:) Get it?!??!!!:) (It's funny...laugh!)

Aaaaanyway...I kind of envy that girl. She had a list of things that she had to do and she did it, one by one. At the end of everything there were no coulda, woulda or shoulda's...(so not grammatically correct, but hey). 

Think about it!

Ps. Write a list and stick to it. This is my July resolution!