Monday, July 25, 2011

The Key to Success. By: Alex Delotch Davis for

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People are always writing and reading and thinking about the key to success. We all want to know why some people get there and others don’t; why some ideas work and others won’t; why some people enjoy their lives and others struggle not to jump off of something day to day. At the risk of sounding Pollyanna…the key to life is love. Wait, don’t go! Hear me out. Not love as in romantic love. I’m not talking about that. 

I’m talking about finding that thing in your life that you would do if money were no object; that thing that you would get up at 6am to go be a part of. Most of us know what that is. You say, “No, no. I really have no idea.” But trust me, you know what it is. The real deal is that you’re too afraid to admit that if money weren’t a factor you would love to be a trapeze artist, or a belly dancer, or run an orphanage or retire to the mountains and raise emus. And while money is important (I’m not being unrealistic here), in the greatest success stories we find that money and passion are inextricably tied together. 

When we follow our passion, pursue our work with earnest and reckless abandon, money follows. The thing is that thing. We all know what that thing is. It’s a teeny, tiny little flame that burns in the bottom of our bellies and try as we might to put it out with the practicality of jobs, bills, houses and cars, it won’t go away and it actually makes us sick to ignore it. But if we have the courage to add fuel to that fire, I think we could get rid of the sickness. 

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By: Alex Delotch Davis for